Walter Rohrl tests Porsche 997 GT3 RS racer in the wet, at the Nurburgring

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Porsche 991 Turbo S: Walter Röhrl ice ride
A total honour to ride shotgun with Walter Röhrl at top speed in a 552bhp 911 turbo S. Forgive the shoddy camera phone operation and garbled questions.

GT3 RS Vuelta de Walter Rohl

Driving Porsche 997 GT2 Clubsport with Walter Röhrl
Porsche 997 GT2 Clubsport

Fire and Ice -Porsche Wintertraining Walter Roehrl 3
A wonderful holiday in the alps combined with Porsche driving instruction. With Worldchampion Walter Röhrl driving (onboard cam)(3 of 3)Click my nick "DKNGHT" to view my channel!