700HP RX7 Dyno

Best run in the video was 670 somthing rwhp, Car ran a 10 second pass @ mission raceway a few weeks ago. Some Dyno runs @ forcefed performance in langley BC

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809hp 2rotor
13b 809rwhp@40psi, stock S5 intake and throttle body new record for the forcefed Dyno.

Stephen 2nd gen rx7 dyno
stephen tuning his car with some added parts on pump gas

Too Fast to Paint RX7 @ Dyno ( TEST runs )
RX7 rotary turbo drag car

Rx7 TII dyno run 361rwhp 309ft-lbs S5 hybrid turbo
took my rx7 back to the Dyno finally . 361.5 RWHP 309.3 Ft-LBS stock ports S5 hybrid turbo running 15-16 psi , KS chipped ecu with safc neo