Viggen (Dark) first Drive

Taliaferro custom Exhaust in race mode. More on the way once the motor is broken in...

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Viggen Dark Dyno Full Power
Viggen "Dark" stretches its legs on the Superflow Dyno @ Taliaferros in Springfield, MO Full Power ~400whp 2.3L GT3071.64, T5 cams, JE pistons, Walbro 630cc, Taliaferro Full Exhaust... Maybe some cam timing next week.

Viggen Coilover Suspension
My custom coilover suspension on the Viggen. Bump limited to keep it out of the fender. 225-40-18s on a 8" 40mm wheel.

AJS 37 Viggen 1080 air show Malmen in Sweden 2012 must se!
This video, of the Swedish AJS 37 Viggen, was filmed during the military air show at Malmen in Linköping, Sweden, in June 2012. After all these years we finally got to se this "muscle plane" in the air again! The Viggen is operated by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight. Pilot is Stellan Andersson. Enjoy, and please subscribe! :-) /Tille, TeamM

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '99 Saab Viggen
It may be the fastest production Saab... actually built by Saab.