FBI 35r EVO X Dyno-Tuned by JESTR Tuning

Evolution X Dyno Video Built by FULLY BUILT INC. Tuned by JESTR Tuning Modifications: Stock Internals Stock ECU GT35R Tial BOV Tial Wastegate 880cc injectors Walbro in tank fuel pump Buschur 3" Exhaust Buschur Intercooler 2.5" Intercooler piping Video by: Holeshot-Productions.com COME GET SOME! www.GRABALANE.com "GRAB A LANE!"

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2008 Red Evo X Makes 360 HP Virtual Dyno
Here at DG Motors testing out Virtual Dyno, a very accurate software that can calculate HP and Torque on the street. This awesome Red Evo X made 366 HP in 3rd gear on the street. Full bolt-on car. Com

Brent's 490whp/352 tq 35R EvoX with Speed Density - English Racing
"LIKE" & KEEP UP WITH US ON FACEBOOK:http://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Racing/293052032533?fref=ts ___________________________________________________________________________ Brent and his "200whp club" have been loyal customers for quite awhile. After having gone through the full build with his 1G Eclipse and seeing the car grow, an unfortunate traffic accident left him with a need to build a new car. Brent was a little further along in life this time so a 2011 Evo X GSR was located and the mod strategy began- - It had to be quiet - It had to make over 450whp - It had to be on pump gas Since this left us alot of room to build we came up with the following mod list- 2011GSR ETS 3582R (non-hta) turbo kit with downpipe ETS 4" Intercooler with piping ETS Testpipe FIC 900cc injectors ER testpipe dump ER double pumper ER 4" intake with 4" K&N filter Stock Evo X Catback The end result looks something like this

Buschur Racing Evo X... 500+whp with new BR engine & turbo kit
This is a video that we wanted to put together to showcase the recent progress of our Evo X here at the shop with the new Buschur Racing Stage 3 head and block as well as the new turbo kit. This setup sure looks very promising. We hope you enjoy the video. www.BUSHCURRACING.com

1000hp Turbo Cobra
http://user.streetfire.net/profile/GRABALANE.htm This car was done at FULLY BUILT INC. http://www.FullyBuiltInc.com This is a full street car: 6 speed, a/c, power steering, and radio! 946whp @ 25psi on Boost alone......... There is a LOT more HP left in it... More Boost + Nitrous to come soon! Stay tuned.... Check out: http://www.grabalane.com