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speedweek 2010. Audi RS4 Ice speed
Innboard Audi RS4

Audi RS4 Avant Exhaust
Audi RS4 Avant Exhaust. X-Pipe and Fully valve operated. For more information visit or e-mail us directly at

Caught on CCTV: thieves steal Audi RS4
It took just 90 seconds for thieves to break into this Sunday Times reader's Audi RS4 by breaking the window and plugging a device —  assumed to be a piece of equipment available online that is used to silence alarms and program blank key fobs — into the dashboard. The footage raises disturbing questions about car security of keyless-entry cars. Read the full story here:

TWS March 2010 RS4 Attack.avi
Drivers Edge at Texas Worl Speedway, March 2010, Audi RS4