DIY Ricmotech RS1 Sim Racing Rig Build presents our third DIY sim racing rig build. This time Jessica Lopez hosts the show and assists Shaun "The Builder" Cole as he uses wood to build a full size sim racing rig for under $200 with the Ricmotech DIY to build the RS-1 Sim Racing Cockpit. Plans for the build are $29.95. Get the plans here

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Ricmotech RS-1 Sim Racing Rig Review presents our full review of the DIY Richmotech sim racing rig that Shaun and Jessica built. For this show Shaun purchased $112 worth of materials and is using the same seat we used for the Deathmobile (DIY Wood Rig) and the PVC Rig. In this show, Darin and Shaun go over the pros and the cons of the rig and talk about what it took to make. See the full build here Thanks to Frank Rico for his plans that are located at :

Tour of the RS1-DIY Racing Simulator Cockpit
Take a tour of the RS1-DIY Simulator Cockpit and learn about its features. We take a look at the assembly plans, templates and instructions. To order a set of plans and build your own RS1-DIY visit:

Hints & tips to DIY a PVC Sim driving rig, Part 1 of 5
Design is credited to Simul8r - go to Page 9 for plans: k-ii-plans-on-pg-9/ Material is : PVC pipe Schedule 40, also known as Pressure Pipe: 60mm diameter, 3.5mm wall thickness. T-piece has 5mm wall thickness. Avoid buying weaker DWV (drainage waste vent) pipe which has a wall thickness of 1-2mm. Note if pipe is stated as 50mm or 2inch, this refers to the nominal diameter (like its minimal internal flow), not the outside. My fitting were 2inch (internal) schedule 40 pieces, but took a 60mm (outer) diameter pipe. Much cheaper online, I recommend getting the fittings (T-pieces, elbows etc) from (in Australia). It was about $95 delivered from Perth to Melbourne. Buy pipe length local as this is normally cheap buy 'schedule 40' pipe and all 'schedule 40' fittings. do not buy anything DWV. i suggest buy the fittings online then take one of the fittings to the hardware store or local plumbing store and find the same pipe to fit inside here is the link to the correct elbow: select PVC Elbow 45˚ 50 mm (2˝) $1.79 + GST select PVC Elbow 90˚ 50mm (2˝) $1.64 + GST

DIY Motion Simulator Diary - Part 3
After the move to our new house, there was a big room left for my studio and finally enough space for my sim. I didn't plan to build the EVO2 again, so I decided to construct something new, it should become bigger and better and beside others I wanted to try Eyefinity resp. a Tripple-Screen setup. As usual I made many pictures of this building-process... Enjoy the last part now - part 3 of the diary of my simulator ;-) ! If there are any questions left, please take a look at sim-parts [dot] com, there are many blog postings, pictures and videos. I hope, that you feel inspired and get some new ideas for your own simulator ! Thanks for watching !