Aquila CR1 pop video

En dansk bygget racer bil, der gerne vil sælges. ( in english underneath) Google Aquila CR1. Jeg skrev sangen, og klippede videoen. Filmede også en smule. VH.Michael A Danish built racing car. It want, very much, to be sold. I wrote the song, and made the video. kind regards.

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Aquila CR1 racing at Jyllandsringen
Aquila CR1 driver Alex Frederichsen at Jyllandsringen in the Belray Special Saloon Car Challenge race one.

Singingbowls meditation
Buy cd's on Amazon: Download mp3 albums: Unisound homepage: Jane Winther performing Singingbowls concert in Höör, Sweden august 2010 Buy Jane Winther cd's on Amazon: words=jane+winther&x=0&y=0 Download mp3 albums:

Britcar24h at Silverstone Aquila CR1 - interview
Interview of the drivers / owners of Aquila CR1 ( mostly in danish ) More about the car: More about the team:

Aquila CR1 LS7
Claus Christensen wins a stunning victory in its brand new. Aquila CR1 LS7 after he had started from the back