Aquila CR1 pop video

En dansk bygget racer bil, der gerne vil sælges. ( in english underneath) Google Aquila CR1. Jeg skrev sangen, og klippede videoen. Filmede også en smule. VH.Michael A Danish built racing car. It want, very much, to be sold. I wrote the song, and made the video. kind regards.

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Aquila CR1 racing at Jyllandsringen
Aquila CR1 driver Alex Frederichsen at Jyllandsringen in the Belray Special Saloon Car Challenge race one.

Aquila CR1 drives off track
This beautiful Aquila CR1 LS3 - V8 weight 900kg and got 429bhp was last year ( 2013 ) in a minor accident, when it was running off the track. Nothing happened with the car or the driver however was a inflating necessary. Hope you like this video many more is to come so make sure to subscribe. Aquila is a danish racing company there are making sports cars and this CR1 LS3 have a V8 weight only 900kg and have 429bhp. Diese schöne Aquila CR1 war letztes Jahr (2013) in einem kleinen Unfall, als es von der Strecke lief. Nichts ist passiert mit dem Auto oder der Fahrer jedoch war ein Aufblasen erforderlich. Hoffen, dass Sie dieses Video mag viele mehr ist, kommen so stellen Sie sicher, zu abonnieren.

Britcar24h at Silverstone Aquila CR1 - interview
Interview of the drivers / owners of Aquila CR1 ( mostly in danish ) More about the car: More about the team:

Aquila CR1 racing at Spa-Francorchamps
Aquila CR1 racing in the Dutch Super Car Challenge at Spa-Francorshamps October 3rd 2009. In the seat are former Le Mans driver Lars Erik Nielsen and Alex Frederichsen.