Ford 4.9l (300 c.i.d.) Hesitation and Startup Fix

A common issue on Ford's 4.9l (300 c.i.d.) I-6 is hesitation and startup trouble. Simply remove the connector to the throttle position sensor and the idle speed controller and clean the terminals. 9 times out of 10 this will solve the issue.

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Ford Hesitation Repair (Ford Technical Service Bulletin)
This video covers the replacement of the throttle body gasket to eliminate a vacuum leak that causes a hesitation.

ford 4.9 no start trouble shooting well did you check this
This is one of those things you dont think of but a distributor gear can shear and also the plastic timing gear can break causing a no spark situation so do this simple check before you spend a ton of money!! For more How to and diy videos subscribe today!

4.9l I6 Fuel Injection Discussion (And where the Fuel Pressure Relief Valve is)
Just a short video going over various parts of the EFI fuel system, some filter/part numbers and ending with where to find the Fuel Pressure Relief Valve on the Fuel Rail (Pictures) Includes information for Fuel Line Removal Tools, Fuel Filters, etc.

How to read a check engine light code on a Ford 1983-1995 EEC 4 system
This self test procedure might be the same for 1983-1995 fords with the eec-iv system. The vehicle in the video was a 1992 f150. Not all vehicles will require the dynamic test. This is only a entertainment video and is not a instructional video. If your vehicle needs repair take it to a certified mechanic.