91 dodge spirit r/t turbo VS. 03 bmw Z3

my spirit r/t on 15psi vs a stock o3 bmw Z3 with a horrible driver, blew him out by a football field!

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BMW Z3 3.0i Coupé - pure Airbox Sound filmed by GoPro + Audio Technica
Testrun with the GoPro and external Mic Audio Technica 24-CM Pro sry for the view, the mirror sucks!

1991 Dodge Spirit RT
Stock engine with 3inch Exhaust cut-out, CAI, and 2 more pounds of Boost. (13lbs.)

My Indy Red 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T (1 of 774) / Exterior
Just a little walkaround video of the Spirit R/T my dad and I own. Bought in June 2006 from Cindy of FWD Performance in Spring, TX after she rebuilt the stock Garrett TB03 turbo and put a new head gasket and timing belt on after she rebuilt the head. Car has documented a little over 186k miles, but sadly the odometer broke just after we got it, and has been replaced by another 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T instrument cluster. I believe it still has the original PCM, so it should still have the accurate miles logged into it. Car is on it's second paint job from the mid-90s and the interior is nearly perfect with only one cigarette burn in the passenger seat (which is very hard to see unless you're looking hard for it) and the carpeting is sunfaded. The car finally has the model and era correct radio head unit that the car came with from the facotry according to the build sheet (Infinity 2 cassette with 5-band equalizer). This is an all-option car minus the short overhead console with compass and exterior temp readout. Power driver seat, windows, door locks, mirrors, Infinity 2 sound system, and ABS. This car has a manual Boost controller set to just under 15 PSI with the Mopar Performance "+20" (42 lb/hr) injectors, an AccuFab AFPR, turboXS Type H-RFL BOV, K&N factory replacement air filter and full 3" turbo back Exhaust with just a hi-flow cat and no muffler or resonator. This particular car was a Product Evaluation Vehicle owned by Chrysler Corporation since mile 1 and was sold at auto auction in Atlanta, then was sold to another owner in either AL or MS, then it went to Spring, TX and was driven for a few years, then the turbo died and Cindy from FWD-P bought it and rebuilt the head and turbo and we bought it on eBay from her. Needs a clutch, but it'll still rapidly bottom out the 120 MPH speedo. :D Also needs to have the front bumper and trunklid spoiler repainted. Apologies for the water droplets after the rev-up from the Exhaust; that'll teach me to put a camera behind a running Exhaust like that again. hehe

My old car but new to me 1993 Dodge Spirit
it is the standard model with 2.5 4 cylinder engine manual locks and windows. non power seats nothing fancy just something to take me to point a to b ok.