91 dodge spirit r/t turbo VS. 03 bmw Z3

my spirit r/t on 15psi vs a stock o3 bmw Z3 with a horrible driver, blew him out by a football field!

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alans RENTAL CADDY with NOS burnout SDAC 18
this is alans first burnout after hooking up the nos on the rental caddy, this is with a 100 shot testing the engine out, he later slapped in 125 shot and beat the brakes off of it.

Spirit R/T vs SRT-4
Arrancón callejero entre Dodge turbos.

91 Spirit R/T (whitey) vs. Audi A4
My car against an audi A4. this video was from the previous owner. Check out my forum http://nepaturbododge.forummotion.com/ and register

9/10 sec camaro 383 stroker 300 shot nos vs ford lightning
9 sec Camaro with 300 shot of nos 383 stroker vs a ford lightning with a kenne bell Supercharger and ? shot of nos. the Camaro wins by a fender going over 160mph!