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How to use digimaster 3 to program mileage odometer for VW Audi

The video shows how to use digimaster 3 to program mileage odometer for VW Audi. More Digimaster 3 Detail:http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/digimaster-3-digimaster-iii-digital-odometer-correction-master.html


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AK500 key programmer user guide-part one
AK500 key programmer user guide-part one. http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/mercedes-benz-key-replacement-ak500-key-prog rammer-external-hdd-3298.html

AK500 key programmer user guide-part two
AK500 key programmer user guide-part two : http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/mercedes-benz-key-replacement-ak500-key-prog rammer-external-hdd-3298.html

FVDI V2015 6 3 authorization video (29 days authorize once)
2015 FVDI Renault ABRITES Commander For Renault V6.3 Software USB Dongle http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/abrites-commander-for-renault.html FVDI ABRITES Commander For Renault Features: 1. Software Version: V6.3 2. Languages: English Only 3. Buy Renault Software,Get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool Software Free, besides you can get free 20 Digit Nissan Pin Code Calculator Software 4. ABRITES Commander for Renault is professional software mainly for programming the new key/card of Renault Vehicles. 5. NO NEED PIN CODE 6. Update: Before update, you need advise the FVDI ID first, we will check if the ID is in the update list which can be update by email, if not in the list, can not do it yourself. you need send back the multiplexer to us for updating. and you need pay for the shipping cost of it V2015 FVDI Installation Video Note: Support Computer System: Windows XP V2015 FVDI INSTALLATION MANUAL how to connect FVDI When obtaining authorization, operate by following the next steps: Step 1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI. Do not connect Softdog to the computer, otherwise the Softdog green light or red light will on, and result in authorization fail. Step 2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer, but do not connect FVDI to the car. Wait until FVDI green light on and Softdog red light on, you succeed getting authorization. If FVDI red light on or Softdog green light on, repeat the above steps. After get authorization for FVDI, follow the next steps to connect. Step 1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI (Note: do not connect Softdog to the computer). Step 2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer. Wait until FVDI green light on and Softdog red light on, connect Softdog USB cable to the computer. During the procedure, the Softdog red light keeps on (Note: do not connect FVDI to the car) Step 3. Till the above 2 steps work well, connect FVDI to the car. Notice: Do not support key program for megane 3 and fluence Functions: Connecting with all electronic control modules in the vehicle. Working by K and CAN bus diagnostic connection. For all electronic control units reading identification data For all electronic control units read and clear error (DTCs) For all electronic control units live data (measured values) For all electronic control units coding/configuration For all electronic control units actuator tests Airbag crash data clear Dacia Logan/Duster by OBDII Program ID in UCH module Mileage recalibration in Instrument cluster (JC) - Laguna III, Megane III, Fluence, Master III, Scenic III, Scenic/Modus (2003-2004), Clio II, Kango by OBDII Mileage Recalibration by OBDII - Renault Megane II, Renault Clio III 2005 year (Visteon instrument cluster), Renault Megane II 2004 - 2005 year (JC instrument cluster) Mileage recalibration for Renault Clio/Kango/Meganne with HC908 JAEGER by dash connector Key Programming Function / Pin Code Reading: - Meganne II X84 2003-2006 - Renault Megane II Ph2 X84 2007+ - Renault Scenic II X64 2003+ - Renault Scenic II Ph2 X64 2007+ - Renault Scenic III X95 2009+ - Renault Scenic III X95 2011+ - Renault Laguna II X56 2000-2005 - Renault Laguna II Ph2 X74 2005-2007 - Renault Laguna III X91 2007+ - Renault Valsatis X73 2002+ - Renault Valsatis Ph2 X73 2006+ - Renault Espace IV X81 2003-2006 - Renault Espace IV Ph2 X81 2006+ - Renault Master Ph2 X70 2002-2006 - Renault Master Ph3 X70 2007+ - Renault Traffic II X83 2002-2006 - Renault Traffic II Ph2 X83 2007+ - Renault Kango MUX Ph2 X76 2002-2007 - Renault Kango X61 2008+ - Renault Clio II Ph2/3 X65 2002-2006 - Renault Clio Symbol - Renault Clio Symbol 2010+ (BCM JC)* - Renault Clio Thalia - Renault Clio Campus - Renault Clio Sedan - Renault Clio Classic - Renault Clio III 2005+ - Renault Clio III with key card - Renault Modus 2004+ - Renault Grand Modus 2008+ - Renault Master III X62 2010+ - Dacia Duster 2010+ (BCM JC) - Dacia Logan X90 2004-2008 - Dacia Logan Ph2 X90 2008+ - Dacia Logan 2010+ (BCM JC) - Dacia Sandero B90 2008+ - Dacia Sandero 2010+ (BCM JC) - Dacia Solenza 2003-2005 - Renault-Samsung SM3 2006+ - Renault-Samsung QM5 - Renault-Samsung SM3 - Renault-Samsung SM5 - Renault Twingo Ph2 X06 2002-2007 - Renault Twingo II X44 2007+ - Opel Vivaro 2002-2006 - Opel Vivaro Ph2 2007+ - Opel Movano Ph2 2002-2006 - Opel Movano Ph3 2007+ - Opel Movano B 2010+ - Nissan Primestar Ph2 2002-2006 - Nissan Primestar Ph3 2007+ - Nissan Platina 2002-2008 - Renault Latitude - Renault Koleos Programmer is also needed - ZN001 - TAG programmer ABPROG (ZN030) is also needed

How to install Multi Di@g Access J2534 2014-1 Software
New Arrival I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device Top 4 Reasons to Get I-2014 J2534: 1. Latest Version: V2014.01 2. Support Multi-languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish 3. Support 23 Brands Updated, 5300 New Systems 4. Operating System: Windows XP; Windows 7 32bit Notice: 1. J2534 2014-1 Version Software Free Download (Do not connect with internet, and before you install the software,follow this video to install software and driver correctly) 2. I-2014V Multi-Diag Access J2534 needs activation, after installing the software pls send ID (format is 31-xxxxxxxxxxx) to us, we will send the activation code. Installation Multi-diag 1-2014: 1. Before installation to ensure not having connection networks or wifi active 2. Open folder (1) Key on the CD and run the file KeyUpdate. Then confirm and wait for the message successfully installed XXXXXX and OK 3. Start the installation folder (2) 1-2014 If during your installation software request an unlock key 31-xxxxxxxxxx contact us with the key not give you the activation key valid Select the language it will continue the installation to completion after the message asking do you restart known not to install the following update etc once the last install Once the message you want to ask not restart known 4. Go to the following folder C: \ ACTIA \ portal and then delete the file WEGT.EXE 5. Once delete this file, open folder (1) Key on the CD and run the file KeyUpdate. Then confirm and wait for the message successfully installed XXXXXX and OK 6. Then install: xs-ime-pt-207p-workshop.exe. You can then restart the pc http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/i-2014-multi-diag-access-j2534-pass-thru-obd 2-device.html

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1966 Ford Pickup f-100: 10.390 @ 128.060
John A. Mikeska, Engine: 466 Ford, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: Goodyear

1991 Vauxhall Nova turbo: 11.941 @ 123.970
gavin worker, Engine: c20let vauxhall, Turbos: aet stage two hybrid Tires: toyo r888

1972 Dodge Ram Van Tradesman 100: 11.949 @ 113.330
Aliksander Osheim, Engine: 360 small block mopar, .030 over, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: Mickey Thompson Street Radials, Hoosier Slicks

1955 Ford Pickup F100: 11.990 @ 132.000
GLENN, Engine: 377 STROKER,

1985 GMC Jimmy : 12.669 @ 107.940
David Alvarado, Engine: 353 Chevy, Tires: Radial T/A 275/60R15

1986 Vauxhall Nova : 12.800 @ 106.640
Scott Nobby Lewry, Engine: C25xe, Tires: R888

1964 Ford Pickup : 13.200 @ 99.600
Brian Lloyd, Engine: 460, Tires: M&H dot 275b60 15

1989 Vauxhall Nova Merit: 13.221 @ 106.290
Ben Cooper, Engine: C20XE,

1965 Ford Pickup F-100: 13.520 @ 102.510
Scott, Engine: 390 + .040, Turbos: TD06 Tires: 225 50 15 front 295 50 15 rear

1992 Vauxhall Nova Expression: 13.853 @ 99.140
Oli Danker, Engine: 1.6 16v, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: Yokohama A539 195/45/15

2000 GMC Jimmy SLS: 14.600 @ 94.000
Rob Keefer, Engine: 4.3L V6 (262 ci), Supercharger: Vortech A-Trim Tires: F:25x4 B:26x9

1995 Vauxhall Cavalier 3 litre V6: 14.610 @ 95.700
Ian, Engine: 3.0 V6,

1995 Vauxhall Cavalier V6: 15.107 @ 94.350
Iancav6, Engine: 2.5 v6,

1996 GMC Jimmy LS: 15.769 @ 86.700
Danny, Engine: 4.3 vortec,

1995 GMC Jimmy 2dr, AWD: 16.225 @ 82.260
Richard, Engine: 4.3,

1991 Vauxhall Nova GTE: 16.290 @ 83.460
Gunzi, Engine: 1598cc, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: Santa Pod, UK

1999 GMC Jimmy 4dr 4x4: 16.785 @ 80.210
Patrick, Engine: 4.3L V6,

1997 GMC Jimmy 4x4: 16.894 @ 78.850
Gary Wogaman, Engine: 4.3L, Tires: 31

1989 GMC Jimmy S15 2 Door Sierra Classic 4x4: 17.828 @ 74.740
Jim Mango, Engine: 4.3 Liter V-6, Supercharger: No Turbos: No Tires: BF Goodrich


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