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How to use digimaster 3 to program mileage odometer for VW Audi

The video shows how to use digimaster 3 to program mileage odometer for VW Audi. More Digimaster 3 Detail:http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/digimaster-3-digimaster-iii-digital-odometer-correction-master.html


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Installation learning 2013.12 BMW ICOM Software
2013.12 BMW ICOM ISTA-D:3.40.30 ISTA-P:51.2.001 Latest Software Multi-language.http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/201312-bmw-icom-ista-d34030-i sta-p512001-latest-software.html Software Version: ISTA-D:3.40.30 ISTA-P:51.2.001 VIN: 2013.11.05 Not connected 9000 days remaining Supported Languages: English/ Spanish/ German/ French/ Italian / Swedish/ Simplified Chinese/ Korean/ Russian/ Portuguese Features: 1. Diagnose and programming is multi-language including circuit diagram information. 2. Our ICOM HDD includes a bonus engineer software package only provided at our website 3. It supports diagnosis and programming with 10 languages as well as repair instructions with 10 languages, while ICOM HDD at other stores only support 2 diagnosis and programming languages 4. The HDD has been updated to the newest R2 version, which boasts better efficiency, stability and performance than other R1 version HDDs 5. Different from other websites, we offer you an all new 500GB HDD rather than an old 160GB HDD 6. The hard disk can run on most intel-based computers with 4GB memory. 7. Our 2013.12 HDD can works with BMW ICOM and ICOM A2. 8.Free factory engineer version software 9.BMW Engineers programming Function

Volvo Dice Pro+ 2013D setup and diagnose
Super Volvo Dice Pro+ 2013D Volvo Diagnostic Tool on http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/super-volvo-dice-pro-volvo-diagnostic-commun ication-equipment.html Computer configuration: Computer system: Windows 7 professional 64-bit Processor: more than CPU 2.0 GHz Install memory (RAM): at least 4GB Local Disk (C:) require: 40GB free space Step1 Install Volvo vida 2013D Open DVD Copy patch file to the desktop Click Install --DVD-Vida dvdheader-Main-setup If the window pops up this notice, click YES. VIDA (2013D) will setup by itself, it will take you some time, please wait patiently! Choose "VIDA All-in-one" to install Choose language Choose Destination Folder: C:\VIDA\. Click Next Accept License Agreement Framework 35 and security will be installed automatically Vida InstallShield Wizard setup automatically, please wait patiently until it is completed. After finish, Adobe Reader 8, VIDA all-in-one, Vida on web, Vida admin and Vida configurator are all on the desktop. This is Vida Configurator for internet, click Save is Okay. Vida is configuring your new software installation, it will take 20-30 minutes. InstallShield Wizard Complete, select " No, I will restart my computer later", then click "Finish". Because I haven't install the patch. Step2 Install patch Unzip patch and open it Click Install If the window pops up this notice, click YES. Default Destination Folder C:\ , don't change it If the firewall block the program, click "Allow access" Step3 Install driver software Connect Vida adapter to the computer Find the driver name in the device manager Computer-management-computer management-device Manager, find out DiCE Hardware-DiCE-206751@0000000000 If the driver name is incorrect, there are 3 possible reasons. 1) Software serial number is incorrect 2) System Language problem, better use English System. 3) The device is broken. Step 4 Restart the computer Step 5 Check vehicle information and diagnostics for aftersales Open "VIDA all-in-one" An IE browser will launch Important Note: wait the icon at the lower right corner turn to green, then launch " VIDA All-in-one", if this icon is yellow or red, please wait patiently. Input username "1" and click Login, it does not need to register Note: you can't input the username if you don't install the patch and restart the computer. Select DEFINE VEHICLE PROFILE Click DICE CONFIGURATION- Test communication tool, then Click Run to self-test, click "Close" Click "Read Vehicle" Wait until all vehicle information read out, if some information can't read out automatically, choose them manually and click ok, otherwise, the "Diagnostics" icon is gray. Click "Diagnostics", it will verify VIN and control modules automatically. Click FAULT TRACE to search all ECU, Volvo car is safe, so it has many ECU. Click Network to see the diagram of ECU, the car I are testing only has these ECU, some cars even have more ECU. Only CEM can be communicated normally can other ECU be identified. If CEM has problem or the diagnostic interface is changed, our VIDA DICE cannot diagnose this car. Done

The video shows you how to update IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007. http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/ikeycutter-condor-xc-007-master-series-key-c utting-machine.html Detailed update steps: Unzip "Condor Online Update Tool", you can see: Online Update Tool.exe, user manual, ft232 usb driver , update video and a supported car list . Explanation for car list: Condor mainly works with cars, not civil locks, since the civil locks material is hard and easy to wear condor blades. Install driver before update There are 2 driver to install Firstly, install USB driver Step 1: Connect the tool to the computer, found new hardware. Step 2: Decompress "ft232 usb driver", drive will install automatically. Step 3: Select the specified directory: Include this location in the search. Step 4: The wizard will automatically finish installing USB serial Converter. Secondly, install USB Serial port The wizard will automatically install USB Serial port Update Condor Click "Update Online" to update. Note: 1) If your network connection is not fast enough or fail to update, click "v" to update. 2) DO NOT disconnect the device during the process of updating. If not, the device will fail to use. It will take you about 90 minutes to update because update needs to connect with our server, please wait patiently.

How to reset PIWIS Tester 2 password?
The video shows you How to reset PIWIS Tester 2 password?http://www.uobd2.net/wholesale/porsche-piwis-tester-ii.html. Step 1. Open CF30 laptop, on the keyboard you will see the initial power-on password “piwis-4567”. Step 2. Start up the laptop. Step 3. Enter the initial password and then press F10 to reset the password. Directly input the initial password, don't press "Caps Lock" or any other keys. Step 4. Then you will get a window as below. Enter the new password in the first blank and confirm it in the second blank. Step 5. Enter your new password and press “Enter” to run PIWIS 2 software. Step 6. Wait a few minutes for the software to start. We have installed PIWIS Tester 2 software on CF30 laptop; you can run the software directly. Note: 1) Please remember the new password. If you forget the password, it will bring you much trouble. 2) The power-on password should be reset every 2-3 months. Your laptop will ask you to reset the password when it is necessary.

Digi Master3 real Demo best tool for changing odometer
Digimaster3 is a replacment for digimaster2, the new version D3 with more functions than D2, and you can use it by immo, audi, key match and change odometer functions! Buy here: http://www.obdresource.com/mileage-programmer/376-digimaster-3-digimaster-i ii-original-odometer-correction-master.html

DIY Odometer Reprogramming
A simple instructional video illustrating how to program your digital car odometer using simple electronics, a computer with a serial port, some soldering knowledge and an understanding of hexi-decimal programming. Most vehicles store their digital odometer reading on the instrument cluster on a re-writable EEPROM chip. Once the chip is located, it can be de-soldered from the board and connected to a computer's serial port where its data can be downloaded and manipulated. The data on the chip is coded in inverted hex values. Through experimentation, a pattern was observed that related the values to the digits on the odometer's LCD display. The data is then edited and rewritten to the chip, which is then re-soldered to the odometer board and put back into the car. Legal stuff: It is illegal to modify or roll back your odometer reading without full disclosure to a potential purchaser of your vehicle.

DIGIMASTER II How to adjust mileage скручиваем пробег on SUBARU LEGACY 2003
short video How to adjust mileage on SUBARU LEGACY 2003 using DIGIMASTER II

Digimaster 3: IC Soldering
Digimaster 3: IC Soldering

Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer
http://www.obd2-diagnostic.com/hotest-digiprog-iii-digiprog-3-odometer-prog rammer-with-full-software-new-release DigiProgIII is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speedo programming and correction software.

Tacho zurückdrehen & Tachojustierung VW Golf 4 , Golf 5 , Golf 6
GMTTUNING in Venlo / Holland: Tacho zurückdrehen bei VW Golf 6 auf orginal kilometer & Tachoaustausch http://www.tacho-km.de/tachojustierung-vw/ Tachojustierung ist seit August 2005 nach §22b des Strassenverkehrsgesetzes(StVG) in Deutschland verboten.

How to check for correct mileage in Audi MMI 2G (A4, A5, A6, A8, Q7)
Check of your Audi A4, A5, A6, A8 or Q7 is displaying correct mileage. Car salesmen are changing the readout in gauges to cover car's history. Check out more interesting tutorials at http://mr-fix.pl/

DiagProgIII - W204, W207, X204 , W212 , W197 - OBDII odometer programming - no more CAN BLOCKERS !
W204, W207, X204 , W212 , W197 - OBDII odometer programming without using any CAN blockers in 10 minutes !

Audi A4 Avant 2.0tdi 2006 with digiprog

Instrument cluster removal - Audi A4 S4 A6

Audi A5 3.0 TDi Stage 3 (355 Ps) vs RS5 4.2 V8 (450 Ps)
Audi A5 3.0 TDI mit 355 Ps / 760 Nm MKB: CAPA ( Wagen von MikeMikePL ) - 76er Rennsport - Abgasanlage - größeren Ladeluftkühler - ITG Intake System - zusätzliche Kraftstoffpumpe - Softwareanpassung Stage 3 bei Vtech Olsztyn auf 355 Ps / 760 Nm - Stage 4 in Planung - 2 Personen an Bord RS5 4.2 V8 mit 450 Ps / 430 Nm Serienleistung

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