Test it! Mini One D | drive it

Small and agile, fast and sporty is what Minis are built to be. Until now, no-one paid much attention to their fuel consumption, but a new model of the retro compact is now available with a thrifty diesel engine.The Mini One D is powered by a 1.4 liter Common-Rail-turbo diesel borrowed from the Toyota Yaris. With its 90-hp engine, the little car does zero to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds. Top speed is 182 km/h. Prices for the Mini One D start 18,100 Euros in Germany.

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examine it: Halogen vs. Xenon | drive it
Seeing and being seen are indispensible parts of automotive safety. Xenon headlight systems are becoming available as optional equipment on a growing number of cars. But Xenon lights are also significantly more expensive than conventional halogen lights. Drive it wanted to know whether the extra investment is worth it. A side-by-side test of various models with both kinds of lights.

Richard Hamilton Retrospective | euromaxx
Richard Hamilton Retrospective

Perch and Swabian Noodles | euromaxx
A Bavarian chef in Swabia! Burkhard Schork shows us how to prepare perch with Swabian noodles.

Restructuring the Benefits System | People & Politics
The welfare debate continues to rage in Germany. In coming months the government is set to recalculate welfare payments that will guarantee a dignified minimum income.But it will be a difficult balancing act to ensure that those in work are better off then those who are unemployed. People & Politics meets two families - one family who live off state support and one who just manage to make ends meet with regular jobs - and finds out at which point poverty sets in.