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Audi RS4 Aero turbine mufflers at Lou's Plymouth

2007 Audi RS4 with step by step install. The customer orginally had the factory resonators removed prior to the mufflers being installed, after the mufflers were installed the car was too loud and had lous custom Exhaust of plymouth reinstall the factory resonator. Lou's Custom Exhaust in Plymouth, MA


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www.dynoflow.co.uk - AERO TURBINE EXHAUST - FORD COUGAR V6
Built January 2008 - Full Cat back Aero Turbine stainless system for a Ford Cougar 2.5L V6. The system gave improved Torque curve, BHP and also better average MPG

Modified Audi RS4 engine sound.

Aero Turbine Muffler: How The Aero Performance Muffler Works
This video shows you just how the Aero Turbine Muffler from Aero Exhaust works. If you are looking for a performance muffler the Aero Turbine Muffler is better than Cherry Bomb, Dynomax, Magnaflow, Gibson, Flowmaster and others. Visit Parley's DIesel Performance for all your performance Exhaust upgrades. http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/ http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/products/aero-Exhaust-turbine-mufflers http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/manufacturer/aero-Exhaust http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/categories/diesel-Exhaust-upgrades http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/dodge-cummins http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/ford-powerstroke http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/gm-duramax http://www.parleysdieselperformance.com/t/vehicles/volkswagen-tdi

2006 Trailblazer ss Aero Turbine exhaust
Aero Turbine Exhaust, i think i almost blew the camera away!

VW Golf 2005 2.0 TDI MK5 Aero Turbine Exhaust 2525XL with R32 Rear Bumper and 4" tips
I've had this car for a while and slowing made some small changes the most recent was finally put got rid of the standard lower bumper with an R32 style bumper with two magnaflow 4" tips. The bumper was off Ebay and was probably a cheap chinese import, which I regret but as being on Ebay didn't really see the quality before hand. We managed to get it to fit with some effort, though some screw holes either weren't there or didn't line up at all. So a good thing to note. I was skeptical with the 2525XL that the resonated muffler would be close to stock and still provide extra power and economy. Very surprised on first start up when it was slightly louder by only 5% maybe 10% but hardly noticeable which was what I wanted and can definitely notice a slight improvement in power and take off. There's a slight gurgle when starting up and driving which sounds great and isn't at all loud or disturbing like a straight through Exhaust can be. The Exhaust is just the 2 1/4 or so inch to the muffler then 2.5" from there I've kept the old system complete incase ever needed to swap back. I haven't had a change to compare fuel efficiency which was the main reason as well as the aesthetics for going down this path. Currently I average around 5.4l per 100 and on a trip today with the Exhaust was getting around 5 or 4.9 but will have to see and compare over a longer period. To summarize am very happy with the Aero Turbine 2525XL 2.5" system. All up this cost: Rear Bumper $280 Magnaflow Tips: $60 x 2 = $120 Aero Turbine 2525XL from the USA To Aust $160 Labour for bumper and Exhaust install $550 So came to around $1100 which is a bit but worth it I believe. I like the R32 look but like diesel cars and couldn't afford a high end diesel car so making do with what I've got. I'd also been looking at the TDI Tuning BOX for this car which I'd tried for a week and a half which I've since taken off and just keeping stock, may look at Bluefin Superchips for an ECU remap but not currently phased. Any questions let us know

crossfire aero turbine muffler
aero at2525 muffler no resonator on stock chrysler crossfire limited.

Ford Fiesta - Aero Turbine muffler

Audi RS4 Supersprint Straight Pipes Fly By, Accelerations, Revving & More
Incredable what a sound! what a car!! From the inside you can hear the V8 rumbling, but if you're outside the car... WOOOW!! Just awesome to see all those people watching a car where you're in! This Audi RS4 doesn't have standard Exhausts! (I think you allready noticed that) It has Straight Pipes from Supersprint!!

Making A Muffler

Audi RS4 Tubi exhaust COLD start
Audi RS4 with Tubi Exhaust. Cold start with secondary air injection for faster warm up (loud) then changing to normal idle. Please watch/listen in high quality mode.

Chevy Corvette C5 with Aero Exhaust Muffler System
http://www.aeroExhaust.com - Some drive by Exhaust sounds produced from a Chevrolet Corvette C5 with a dual Aero Exhaust / Turbine 2525 Exhaust system installed. The vette had a stock system on it before and a Dyno test was made before and after the Aero Exhaust was installed. The result simply by changing the Exhaust system produced an increase of 58 Break horsepower increase over stock. Wow! To find out more about the Aero Performance Exhaust System visit http://www.aeroExhaust.com.

2007 Audi RS4 Exhaust with ECS Tuning H-Pipe
ECS Tuning H-Pipe replaces the resonators on the RS4. Only other modification to the car is a K&N air filter. Exhaust valves are open (vacuum lines tied) to mimic Sport button.

2002 Volkswagen jetta 1.8T Aero Exhaust
1.8T with 2.5" aero turbine 2525 muffler and AR25 Resonator. Order the AT2525 muffler and AR25 resonator at www.tecExhaust.com

HUMMER H3 ALPHA with Aero Turbine 3" custom catback
2008 H3 ALPHA with a 3" custom mandrel bent catback from Mandrel Bent Solutions in Pasadena MD

1998 camry LE, 2.25 cat back w/resonator, AT2525 aeroturbine muffler. I don't like the way this camera defined the tone at higher RPM. Notice the WeaponR intake is louder than Exhaust pass 4500 RPM, the tone shoulder be more dynamic and throaty. I guess I'll try a different camera next time.

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