Brand new VW Beetle 2004 Edicion Especial with AC system:

New and genuine Volkswagen Sedan AC system available at: $1,899 USD shipped by FedEx to the US. Worldwide shipping available. Frequently Asked Questions... 1) Do the AC Systems use the new refrigerant? Yes the new 'R 134a' refrigerant is used in the VW A/C system. 2) How easy is it to install the A/C system? You will need simple hand tools - an electric drill and an 1 1/8" holesaw. All A/C systems come with complete installation instructions with diagrams. 3) How long does it take to install the system? Most people report it takes about 12 - 15 hours. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS / TECH SPECS The PDF instructions are easy to follow. Information on parts included is also available by reading the instructions page. All you need are simple hand tools, an electric drill and an 1 1/8" holesaw.

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1971 VW Beetle with Dealer Installed Air Conditioning
1971 VW Beetle SOLD NEW in Phoenix, Arizona with Factory Approved, Dealer Installed Air Conditioning - VERY RARE FIND! The original rotary type compressor has been changed out for a more efficient modern design using R134 in 2014. This Original VW Beetle was a Radio Delete Original Option Car as well. This is a Very Rare, and Hard to duplicate with all of the Original Dealership Sales Invoice, showing Dealer to install A/C and that it was SOLD New in Arizona. A Rust Free Survivor....Beautiful Beetle! Car has been SOLD and delivered to its new owner in Texas in 2014. I wanted to keep the video as a reminder of how special this little yellow VW Beetle was when new and continued to be during my ownership. My youngest daughter liked to call her "Sunny", because this VW Beetle always looked happy!

2004 Vocho con Motor Tipo IV
Type IV Engine on Type I VW, 71x96=2056cc, built by Sergio Mercado, Toluca, Mexico, 40IDF (x2), CPS SS Headers, 145 SR15 Michelin Front, 175 SR15 Michelin Rear, Bilstein Shock Absorbers, VDO Instruments. It's a 2004 Mexican Beetle last run before Última Edición run.

Awesome Vw Beetle 1303s
This is my 1973 beetle, it's a 1303s, it took 3 and a half years to restore it, every single bolt was checked, original engine, full leather interior, power steering, original ATS Cup rims, electric windows, LED lights, and much more, check it out!!

1972 VW Beetle A/C
VW Beetle AirConditioning