Quickie VW Revmaster engine runup

Runup the Revmaster 2100D from the Quickie in the garage before reinstallation in the airplane. Completely checked out then rebuilt and ran.

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Bush King, BushKing Performance VW aircraft engine conversion
Bush King Performance aircraft engine. AircraftReporters.tv talks to the folks from Bush King Performance about their VW automotive aircraft engine conversion for experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

setting timing on vw engine
setting timing on vw promod n/a motor.

Rotax powered VP1 582 engine.. 3 times the aircraft over the VW engine. 5 secound takeoff verses 25 secounds VW powered

Street turbo F.I engine built by Chico Performance
turbo fuel injection engine making big power on the Dyno. This one is going to the UK. Chico