Quickie VW Revmaster engine runup

Runup the Revmaster 2100D from the Quickie in the garage before reinstallation in the airplane. Completely checked out then rebuilt and ran.

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this is a first test run of a Great Plains VW 2180 80 HP with a Culver 62 by 29 inch prop - I'm swapping out the 582 Rotax and replacing it with this VW in a few days and I will update with the flying results -

Revmaster start up
Start Up of the VP 1 Revmaster swinging a 60" wood Prop. An easy 85mph airplane. This engine is up for auction on Ebay today!!! Low time engine WITH Logs. Ready to Bolt on and Go! Revmaster Aircraft Engine Experimental NOT Lycoming,Continental,Franklin rad Item number:162171751994

Bush King, BushKing Performance VW aircraft engine conversion
Bush King Performance aircraft engine. AircraftReporters.tv talks to the folks from Bush King Performance about their VW automotive aircraft engine conversion for experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft.

Thrust Test Of VW Engine
This is a full power thrust test of the VW engine that I am selling on Ebay. As you can see , it produces 205 pounds of pull . This is plenty for a light weight single wing plane however this Fisher Youngster plane has lots of wind drag so we need to swing a larger prop. More power SCOTTY!!