Holden VY LS1 V8 vs Tickford Falcon. Willowbank Raceway.

Willowbank last november me racing a vy sv8 All original content was created by myself for Section! Entertainment, I reserve all rights to this content.

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600HP 6-Speed TURBO Ford Falcon!
SPOOLING, SHIFTING, BRAKE BoostING... An unsuspecting 1960's Ford Falcon rolled into the parking lot in Missouri during the Missouri FBody Meet, it wasn't until we saw under the hood that we realized why there was a giant crowd around this car. A turbo V8 with a T56 6-Speed Manual, powered by a 351 Windsor and S475 turbo. This car is badass to see rowing through the gears, spooling and pulling on people on the top end! Not too bad for a big lead sled from the 60's!

Holden VY-VZ Commodore IPod Mod
This video is a guide to installing iPod upgrade kit modification for a vy and vz holden commodore. Like Our FaceBook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/DIY-GUYS/266093630263599?ref_type=bookmark http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HOLDEN-COMMODORE-VY-VZ-AUDIO-CABLE-IPOD-IPHONE-C HARGES-/290833571065?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43b7081cf9&_uhb=1 Music: Marlon Grunden https://soundcloud.com/marlongrunden

2600hp Ford Falcon??? The DIRTY BIRD
One badass bird! This 1968 Ford Falcon running on 275 Drag Radials lays down around 2600hp through its 449ci Small Block Ford with a pair of 88mm turbos, watch it tear down the track at the North Star Dragaway x275 race.

Ford falcon turbo vs ford falcon aspirado drag