Jeep SRT8 Mopar/Corsa Exhaust, Kooks Headers, & Mopar CAI

Jeep grand Cherokee Srt8 6.1 hemi with Mopar/Corsa catback Exhaust, Kooks catted headers, an Mopar cold air intake

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Challenger R/T Exhaust Comparison (Stock vs Mopar/Corsa P5155754)
Subscribe to the NJExoticspotters Channel: Check Out the NJExoticSpotters Razzi Photo Page: Like the NJExoticSpotters Facebook Page: raphy/140871389281575 NJExoticSpotters just recently bought a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T and swapped out the stock Exhaust for a new Mopar/Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust (Part # P5155754)! In this video you'll hear the before and after comparison between the two! Jump to 2:16 for the Mopar/Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust! Enjoy and Subscribe!!!

2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Magnaflow Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust (Stock/Magnaflow System, Part 16929)
Replaced the stock Exhaust system with a MagnaFlow stainless cat-back system (Part # 16929). This video has the before and after sound. This system has changed since driving a few hundred miles and now sounds even better than what's on the video. And the video does not do this justice. When idling it hits this really deep tone that the camera just didn't pick up, it's like a continuous bass note that's just awesome. Also, the Jeep would only let me go to 4K RPM's in park, may get some take off's or drive by's at a later time, if I do I'll post them. This also has a K&N CAI kit, part 77-1563KP.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat 2015 prototype Обвес Tyrannos для Jeep GC WK2 в наличии и стоит от 214т.р до 371т.р вместе с выхлопом / Body kit Tyrannos on Jeep GC WK2 costs from 6100$ - 10700$ with Exhaust system ... +7 917 061 0001(viber/whatsapp)

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - MGS Edition 600 - by Per4mance Exhaust
Jeep Cherokee SRT8 "MGS Edition 600" - MGS Motor Gruppe Sticht by Per4mance Exhaust Klappenanlage - Klappenanlage - Hosenrohre mit Sportkats - Softwareoptimierung - Kompressorumbauten ab jetzt erhältlich bei unserem Partner: MGS - Motor Gruppe Sticht Peter-Henlein-Str.3 95445 Bayreuth Ihr Ansprechpartner : Philipp Klose Tel. 0921-289952454 MGS Motor Gruppe Sticht Per4mance-Industries "Ihr Abgasanlagen Experte" WEITERE VIDEOS UNTER: Facebook: Youtube Kanal : BEI FRAGEN ODER INTERESSE :