driving the 74 Satellite

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Restored Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, Restyled with VHT and Dupli-Color Paints
The Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus is fully restored! See how we did the body work, wheel paint, dashboard restyle, engine bay, engine, calipers.... you name it, we did it! Learn more about VHT products here: http://vhtpaint.com/ Check out Dupli-Color's products here: http://www.duplicolor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VHTPaint And Facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/VHTPaint

74 Plymouth Satellite Roadrunner 318 tti exhaust
First day my motor came to life 318, .30 over

plymoth satellite custom 74

74 Plymouth Satellite rough idle.AVI
rough running 318. Looking for tips on what to check without tearing it apart. timing is correct, wires are right....