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GMC Safari Astro Van Burn Out


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Astro Van vs Lamborghini
I dont feel so bad that i lost to this after seeing this.

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Kickin Astro Van
Cedarville Community Park in Cedarville, Ohio 4-28-2013 This new to the scene Chevy AWD Astro Van was a fan favorite and didn't disappoint the crowd. But unfortunately in the end, it wound up breaking a hub I think...

Saleen Mustang vs RSX Type S

The moving of GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-1001 (EXP 331) 8-8-08
Moving of GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501-1001 from Belpre, Ohio to Peoria, IL. 8-8-08 Full restoration will begin within two years. Must finish PD4501-771first. In 1953 GMC built EXP 331 an experimental prototype bus that would eventually become the Scenicruiser. This is EXP331 you see in this video. Prior to it's creation, a full sized plaster model mock-up was built. EXP 331 was based directly on this mock-up. Even before this, I believe in 1949 GMC built the GX2. Anyway, after all testing and styling was completed, GMC began production of the PD4501 Scenicruiser in 1954. At the end of the planned 1000 run production, in 1956, Greyhound wanted EXP 331 finished as a bus, and added to the end of the run. So, EXP 331 became PD4501-1001. So, the bus you see in this video could be considered the first and last Scenicruiser ever made! Due to an earlier regulation, EXP 331 was built with an emergency exit door on the left side. No other Scenic was ever built this way. Greyhound removed the E-door some years later. It also was equipped with a factory spot light.It then went into service with the other 1000 cruisers.It remained in service at least until 1974. It still appeared on the 1974 Greyound roster. At some point between 74, and 1978 Ridgley coach, a charter company from Washington D.C. bought 1001. I do not know yet if Ridgley bought it from GH directly or from some other private company. If anyone has any doctumentation either way...I would love to here from you. Sometime in the late 1980s Ridgley began scrapping the seven Scenics they had. In 1982 my good friend Fred Rayman, a bus driver from Oklahoma City, OK. discovered 1001 at Ridgley in Washington D.C. Fred was on a charter trip hauling people from a church group in OK City to New York City, and Wash D.C. Fred had some down time in D.C. and wanted to ride the commuter trians around D.C. So, Fred and his pal Bob Beard took a ride on the train. While on the train, Fred spotted about 4 or 5 Scenicruisers sitting in a bus yard. Turns out....the train tracks went right past Ridgley's yard. Fred now had to convince Bob to go back and look at all these Scenics. Anyone that knows Fred.. Knows he loves to keep track of Serial numbers....and here was some he did not have yet! Bob gave in, and they went to oogle over the cruisers. Fred tells me he nearly fainted when he found serial number 997, and then the one and only 1001. This was October 15, 1982. Fred must have told anyone that would listen what he had found in D.C. He must have made an impression on Gordon Pfalzgraf of Belpre, Ohio. Because, over the telephone Fred convinced Gordon to save 997 & 1001 from the scrapper. Three years had pasted. Then in 1985 Gordon was at the Hearshy car swap meet with his now famous hatchback Scenic selling car covers. He met someone from D.C. and asked if they would check to see if 1001 was still at Ridgley. The man honored the request, and reported back....it was still there with 997. Niether had engines, or trans., but still there! The very next day Gordon went home to Belpre, Ohio and immediatly left for Wash D.C. A man on a mission ! He struck a deal to buy both 997 & 1001. He had them both hauled home to Ohio in Nov./Dec. of 1985. Gordon had plans to restore 1001, but never began any work. He had his plate full with 16 other antique cars that needed maintained or restored. I have known of these two buses for years, but always assumed they were not for sale. Then in January of this year, I was sent to Dayton, Ohio for work. I called Mr. Pfalzgraf, and to my surprise...they were for sale. I left a day early and drove the 520 miles to Belpre, Ohio. And the rest is history.

1999 Chevy astro van fuel pump through floor
The easiest way to change a fuel pump on a 1999 Chevy astro van cargo.

Van Burnout Contest
A few of the vans from the burnout contest at the 36th National Truck-In ®. Altamont, Illinois, July 19, 2008 (c) 2008 - Zephyr Media Designs


chevrolet astro camper van
chevrolet astro camper part 2 Boyd astro van converted to a 2/3 birth camper van. laods of money and time spent on this one off van.


2003 Chevrolet Astro Van Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev - 139K
2003 Chevrolet Astro Van This has a 4.3L V6 making only 190 HP while paired to a 4 Speed auto. Always saw this as the biggest POS out there. Terrible Interior quality, Terrible Ride, Horrible leg & foot rom for the Front Passenger & driver, the rear mount A/C is in a terrible position, HORRIBLE MPG's as its not so easy for the underpowered 4.3L V6 to pull around this rolling around this dumpster. The van still carries over 1980's engineering and has looked overall the same since 1985............. And Most importantly they have one of the worst Crash Test rating when it comes to offset test. The Body just buckles & the drivers body is pressed onto the dash & steering wheel which mean absolute death. These vans do offer AWD but its a version of this van that is quite avoided as the transfer case in these has proven problematic when they have high mileage. This van was also offered as the GMC Safari.

Crazy Minivan Burnout

drag racing van wild wheelie 2
pass at us 41 dragway in morocco in ,10.51/123.65 GMC safari mini van on e85,also runs at coles county dragway. same day as first video.later in day ,track was slicker

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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