Matsuda Racing's Blown Alcohol Rear Engine Dragster

292" RED. Blown alky 484 Milodon Hemi.

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NHRA Advanced ET (Top Dragster) License Upgrade
Matsuda Racing's blown alcohol 484 Hemi rear engine dragster. Upgrading from my NHRA 4A to a 3A Advanced ET (6.00-7.49) license.

Twin Cam Tommy - blower explosion
April 4, 2009. Sacramento Raceway. Firing up the dragster to see if it can make a run today, and the answer is no.

Open Wheel Shootout Battle on the Beach Kauai Raceway Park July 2017
Ran consistent 7.50s. Thanks Kauai Auto Repair for the sponsorship. Lost in the semi finals.

Why You Run Tearoffs When You Drive a Front Engine Dragster
Ran 7.55 at 178 MPH. If you don't run tearoffs on your shield when you drive anything front engine, you will after your first experience with oil in the face. Elimination run against Calvin Costa.