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Supercar Parade Townsville July 2011

The annual V8 Supercars transporters parade before the Townsville 400, included the Kenworth K200, MAN Vodaphone, Toll's UD, the black Jack Daniels Mack, Lightening McQueen's "Mack" Superliner transporter from the Cars movie. We filmed the parade passing Brown & Hurley's Townsville dealership on Ingham Road.


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Inladen Bliksem McQueen
Inladen Bliksem McQueen in Muiden

Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab na rampie
Mitsubishi L200 - przejazd po rampie podczas pikniku 4x4 w Kaliszu. Pokaz możliwości napędów Super Select. 5 czerwiec 2010.

Mc Queen in Roermond
Mc Queen in Roermond

Cars 2 RC Blixten McQueen 1:12
Radiostyrd bil i skala 1:12, 34 cm från Dickie Toys med Disney Pixar Cars 2 design. Funktioner: Full styrning (hö/vä/fram/bak), Ljud, Led strålkastare i fram (skonsamt för barn ögon), 360 graders donuts funktion som styrs genom motion movement control (som på Wii spel kontroller dvs. Luta kontrollen till vänster och bilen sladdar runt åt vänster), Hög hastighets bil, turbo (för att köra om på raksträckan som i filmen), animerad start bilen står och vibbrerar på startlinjen som på ett riktigt formel 1 lopp (med motorljud som gasar), Led ljus display som indikerar hur fort du kör (första 4 gröna = långsamt, nästa 3 gula= fort, och sista 2 röda = max fart).

Безумству храбрых - венки со скидкой :)

Australian Outback Truckers & Road Trains in Action
These Australian Trucking DVDs capture the real heart and soul of Australia's Outback Truckers. It's a journey that stems from the birth of Australian road transport when goods were carted to markets on a horse drawn wagon, to the birth of the Australian Roadtrain. There is the classic sound of a hard working two stroke Jimmy hauling 2 trailers will send goose-bumps up any old time driver. See the hardworking modern day Australian designed and build heavy-duty trucks like the Kenworth C509, C510 and C540s hauling five trailers. There is some rare film of the world's longest roadtrain and the building of the Darwin to Alice rail line. Includes a glance of fast trucking in the seventies and eighties and some big shifts with Heavy Haulage Australia, Deesons Heavy Haulage and journey in to the notorious Savage River and the Devil's Triangle. Its a great collection of the world's wildest trucking and trucker's documentaries. This is a great collection of Australian Trucking History. Order them online from http://www.rallybadges.com or http://www.brownandhurleystore.com.au/category-dvds-and-books-3.aspx

West Coast Salmon Farming Tasmania
Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania, is a body of water that is seven times the surface area of Sydney Harbour. The natural mix of clean, cold fresh water flowing from the Franklin & Gordon Rivers into the salt waters of the Southern Ocean provides a perfectly natural environment for growing premium quality Ocean Trout and Atlantic Salmon. And, In this episode of Western Star's Star Trucker we're going to see G&D Transport's new 4800 Western Star load 2000 Ocean Trout in a story we call "Catch of the day". Visit http://shop.westernstar.com.au/index.php to purchase Western Star DVD Collection

Wilson Pacesetter Super B
High on the list of features of the new Wilson Pacesetter Super-B, from Barker Trailers, are those that improve operator safety. For instance view windows in the sidewalls reduce the need to climb the ladder to check on the load. Sloped ends make standing on ladders safer and easier, and an electric tarp means no more fighting with the wind to open and close the tarp. New trailers tend to have more lights to increase safety and make manoeuvring at night easier. This is possible because light emitting diodes (LEDs) are replacing standard incandescent bulbs. LEDs draw one-tenth the power of the old bulbs, and that keeps the amperage manageable when up to 60 lights are burning on one trailer. Simple things like easy-to-operate tarps and a fold-down ladder can make a big difference, especially to an older driver, as South Australian farmer Darren Longmire explains. To find out how Wilson grain trailers are built tougher and last longer, are easier to maintain and ultimately your best value visit http://www.barkertrailers.com.au/products.asp

DAF CF85 10x4 Fuel Tanker
We catch up with DAF CF85 operator Chris Doosey from Bean Express and ask him how his new 460horsepower DAF and Holmwood Highgate tanker is going and what he thinks of the service he gets from Brown and Hurley.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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