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Supercar Parade Townsville July 2011

The annual V8 Supercars transporters parade before the Townsville 400, included the Kenworth K200, MAN Vodaphone, Toll's UD, the black Jack Daniels Mack, Lightening McQueen's "Mack" Superliner transporter from the Cars movie. We filmed the parade passing Brown & Hurley's Townsville dealership on Ingham Road.


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Inladen Bliksem McQueen
Inladen Bliksem McQueen in Muiden

Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab na rampie
Mitsubishi L200 - przejazd po rampie podczas pikniku 4x4 w Kaliszu. Pokaz możliwości napędów Super Select. 5 czerwiec 2010.

Modelář 2011 Brno
záznam z veletrhu Modelář 2011

Mc Queen in Roermond
Mc Queen in Roermond

Central Coast Truck Show 2011
The Central Coast Truck Show 2011. All money raised at the event goes towards the Children's Cancer Institute Australia

VIDEO 12 MAN mit Bagger und Tieflader
Der Baggertransport erfolgt meist mit einem Tieflader. Zugmaschine ist ein MAN 41422 DFAS 8x8 Alle 4 Achsen des Tiefladers werden hydraulisch von der Sattelkupplung gelenkt

Безумству храбрых - венки со скидкой :)

T409SAR Truck & dog.mov
We join Townsville based Daryn Ward or "Wardie" as his mates call him, in his new T409SAR and Tefco Quad axle dog trailer and check out how Kenworth's new Electronic Brake Safety System (EBSS) is not only delivering enhanced vehicle safety, but has increased his payload by a massive seven ton.

Haulmark Trailers Present the Kilclooney Run
Haulmark Trailers is pleased to join Townsville based Schmidt Livestock Transport's on a run out Kilclooney Station in Queensland's remote outback. In this video Outback trucker Owen Schmidt takes a triple road train on one of the wildest roads up in the head of the Gilbert River. The story of the husband and wife team is a fascinating one and begins with Liz Schmidt, mother of five, grandmother of three and advocate for the industry, broke through the traditional male bastion of the road transport associations when she became the first female secretary of the Livestock Hauliers Association of QLD in 1990. Liz had applied for the job only two years earlier; but had been told she would not be considered because she had four children. When Liz was finally appointed this position, she had just given birth to her fifth child. Liz and husband Owen operated Schmidt’s Livestock Haulage from their property near Townsville in north Queensland. Their fleet of modern-day Kenworths and the double-deck roadtrains they operate today is a far cry from the second-hand 1418 Mercedes Benz and single-deck strap trailer they started with in 1979. Liz is forthright, independent, outspoken and not afraid to stand up for what she believes. Having worked voluntarily on the LTAQ Board of management for over 20 years, she understands first-hand the issues impacting the road transport industry and the hardships that flow back to trucking families. Owen is thin and wiry, strong as an ox and gives the impression that he has forgotten more about bush tracks, cattle and roadtrains then most of us will ever know. Together, they have proved to be a truly formidable duo. With Owen working long hours away from home, he could not attend industry meetings, so Liz often went along as his proxy, and it didn’t take long for her to become incensed at some of the things the governments were trying to do to her business through unjust taxes and charges, and inequitable rules and regulations. Liz became the local area delegate for the LTAQ and has spent the years since lobbying for the livestock hauliers on local, state and federal levels. Over the years, Liz has been secretary of the Cattleman’s Union, served on the Townsville Transport Safety Committee and has been an active member of Agforce, Transport Women Australia and the Road Freight Industry Council. In between she has raised a family. In 2006, Liz won the Cummin’s Road Transport Industry Woman of the Year Award, and in 2007 was elected President of the QLD Livestock Transporters Association. For more information on these trailers visit www.haulmark.com.au

Here is a Magirus Deutz hauling a load of wool to Longreach
Here is a short video of an air cooled Magirus Deutz with a Haulmark spread trailer hauling a load of wool to Longreach station. Check out the old Holden’s in the main street and the mouth watering beer at the end. Here is some more info on the Deutz trucks company … The logo of Magirus Deutz was a stylised M with a sharp, long center point to represent the tower of the Ulm Cathedral. Deutz was founded by Nikolaus Otto, inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine, in 1864. The business initially started as N. A. Otto & Cie in partnership with lawyer Eugen Langen. At that time the duo were not interested in the emerging automobile industry only in stationary engines. Technical Director at the time, Gottlieb Daimler was keen for the business to start production of automobiles and when this was refused he resigned in the 1870s and went out on his own. History tells us he was singularly successful. Deutz did end up in production manufacturing agricultural machinery and tractors as well as some lorries and buses as parent company of Magirus which they acquired in 1936. Magirus was founded by Conrad Dietrich Magirus in Ulm, Germany and began manufacturing fire fighting vehicles in 1864. In 1910 it also started producing trucks and buses soon gaining an enviable reputation for high engineering standards with the vehicles capable of operating in the most “arduous” of conditions. The company was responsible for many firsts including the first horse pulled rotating fire ladder and the first steam powered self propelled fire engine. Magirus was also responsible for inventing the automatic drive turntable ladder, (Magirus Leiter) which went on to become an essential item of fire fighting equipment worldwide. In 1917 it began production of motor vehicles. During World War II, Deutz was ordered to produce artillery and operated under the name Klöckner Humbolt Deutz AG (KHD), Deutz has the unfortunate history of being the company which produced the notorious gas vans used to exterminate Jewish victims of Nazi Germany. The vans were used at camps such as the infamous Chełmno Extermination Camp until gas chambers were built as a more efficient method for killing large numbers of people. The total number of gas van gassings is unknown although one document dated 5 June 1942 from occupied Minsk records that from December 1941 to June 1942 three Magirus Deutz gas vans were used to kill 97,000 civilians. Never the Less Deutz-powered commercial vehicles went on to become popular vehicles between 1960 and 1980 with some coming to Australia. These were sold under the brand name Magirus Deutz. In 1975 Magirus was purchased by Iveco which continued to produce trucks under the name Iveco Magirus for a short time before dropping the marquee from most markets. Magirus was sold in Germany and some Middle Eastern countries until the end of the 1980s. Today, the name Magirus, going right back to its origins, is only used for fire fighting equipment. In 1995 Deutz sold the agricultural machinery division (Deutz-Fahr) to the Italian SAME company which formed SAME Deutz-Fahr. Deutz's head office is in the Porz district of Cologne and as of 2004 was manufacturing liquid and air-cooled diesel engines. This facility now produces engines for marine and power generation which can run on either fuel oils or fuel gases including landfill gases.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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