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Subaru Repair Seattle - Red Helmet Jim is heading to Alpental on Day 69 in his Subaru Loyale

http://www.superiorrepairseattle.com/ Superior Repair, located in Burien, Washington 20 minutes from downtown Seattle specializes in Subaru's only. We love Subaru and the long history that comes with it. Since 1990 we have devoted ourselves to the art of making your Subaru get more miles with less cost.The industry and people on the street know us as "Those Subaru Guys". We are proud to be those Subaru guys. We love Subaru's and we love the customers we serve. Our customer base is strong and loyal bringing in cars from as far away as Montana. We offer services such as routine maintenance, brakes, transmissions and specialty parts that are unavailable to most others. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Puget Sound Consumers Checkbook Magazine voted us one of the area's Top Auto Repair shops and we strive to maintain that honor.


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1990 Subaru Loyale wagon: Tour, Quick Drive
Here's my 1990 Loyale wagon. Finally had time to do a tour and a drive (nobody home to watch me and clear roads XD) Here's the specs: 1.8L SPFI H4 engine 90lbs/foot torque at 4000RPM 90 HP 3 Speed 3AT Automatic gearbox (2.8:1 , 1.5:1. 1:1) 0-60 = Yes, it can go that fast. Theoretical Speed Limit: 113MPH (Engine hits redline, any faster and the transmission can blow up as well) Gas Mileage: 23/24 City/Highway (32 with new plugs, tires, timing belt) UPDATE: I have crashed it. but i'm still driving it!

Dion's 83 Subaru 4x4 touring wagon. 4wd, suby
A few clips taken while out playing in my suby. it's a stocko EA81, Weber, 2 1/2" Lukey Exhaust, and 215/75R15 Hankook muddies.

Kmax Helicopter Logging Logs on the side of I-90

Subaru Leone Meet 2013 / レオーネ ミーティング in 太田
スバル城下町の太田市(群馬県)に13台のレオーネが集 りました。

Subaru Repair Seattle - Superior Repair - "Those Subaru Guys" 206-433-1709
http://www.superiorrepairseattle.com/ http://www.ifoundjim.com/ Superior Repair is located in Burien, Washington. They call themselves "The Subaru Guys" because they specialize in Subaru's only. In business for over 25 years Steve and Rob are the best and most qualified Subaru mechanics around. Steve is a true master at the older Subaru's and absolutely loves them while Rob takes on the newer ones with pride and loyalty. Take the Subaru Loyale for instance. Steve has done in his own words, "Hundreds of Loyale 1.8 Litre engines". If you've searched the Web looking for the Very Best Subaru Mechanics in the Seattle area and only now just found out about Superior Repair, it's probably because "Those Subaru Guys" have been way to busy to mess around with a website. Finally Steve and Rob are online right here. Your search for the Most Qualified Subaru Mechanics is over. You may have even been on the Car Talk website and heard about them from many of their satisfied and loyal customers' posts. So if you're in need of getting the job done right for your Subaru the first time and only time... call them now to set up an appointment. These guys are a small independent 2 person shop and as you can imagine with all the Subaru owners around, they're super busy. You want it done right? Call Steve and Rob today!

How to install STi brake pads
DIY: How to install / replace / change Subaru Impreza WRX STi front & rear brakes pads ( 2004 to Present ) The purpose of this DIY "How To" video is to help out fellow Subaru Enthusiast gather an idea of what is involved to replace brake pads on there personal STi's. I am not responsible for any damages that may occur to ones personal vehicle as a result of the following this video. As long as you follow safe automotive practices, the following video should guide you correctly on replacing your brake pads. Tools Needed: - Hammer - Flat Head Screw Drivers (1 long for leverage, 1 Short for Tight Spaces) - Center Punch or long nail - Pliers (Preferred Long Nose) If you enjoyed this DIY video, and felt it was helpful for you, please select the "Like" button and/or subscribe. Thanks for watching!!! Video / Editing / Narration - Dave (NASIOC & I-Club Member ID "Haole-Pino") On Screen Mechanic - Travis Medeiros Special Thanks To: - Rally Sport Direct (Website - http://www.RallySportDirect.com ) - Team DownXhift (Website - http://www.facebook.com/downxhift ) - I-Club Hawaii Chapter (Website - http://www.i-club.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=43 ) - NASIOC (Website - http://www.nasioc.com )

How to change a Subaru Head Gasket without removing the engine
These are the sets I like to use on these EJ25 engines. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000C2AISU/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=U TF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000C2AISU&linkCode=as2&tag=httpww wyou00f-20 1:07 Identifying engine type 1:25 Inspection showing oil leak from head gasket 3:12 Remove air intake (discussed) 3:35 Remove battery (discussed) 4:00 Remove air compressor (discussed) 4:10 With above removed and belt covers removed 4:20 Remove belts 5:49 Remove A/C compressor tensioner bracker 7:00 Remove alternator 8:50 Remove air compressor (discussed) 8:56 Drain radiator 10:10 Remove power brake Booster vacuum line, fuel lines 11:48 Disconnect spark plug wires/brackets 13:42 Remove A/C compressor 14:15 Remove spark plugs/bracket 15:02 Disconnect oil sending unit wire, coolant temp sending unit, crack shaft position sensor wire 15:50 Remove radiator How to change a Subaru Head Gasket without removing the engine

Subaru Leone ручеек.MOV

Wagon Tour
Continuing our review of reliable vehicles, the 1993 Subaru Loyale is a low-cost, capable option. This one was manufactured before the series was plagued by head gasket leaks and has accumulated over 220,000 miles in the near constant moisture of the Pacific Northwest. As a bonus, a demonstration of an alternative use for the ubiquitous ice scraper...

82 Subaru Leone Touringwagon Leather Version
http://www.kurumabatake.com 初代より頑なに低重心のフラット4エンジンと4WDを採用 続けたレオーネ。スバルのメカニカルアイデアの優秀 は、より進化を遂げレガシィなどに引き継がれ成功を めた事で立証された。本車両は2代目レオーネの後期型 ーリングワゴン レザーバージョン。EA型水平対向1.8OH Vユニットは良好な低中速トルクを発生。素直でリニア 吹け上がりで、1t程度のボディーを軽々と引っ張る。 となっては決して高出力エンジンではないが、バイブ ーションも良く抑えられたナチュラルな回転フィール 持ち味。100km/h巡航は4速3000rpmほどでロングツーリング 十分にこなせる。当時は商用車やバンのイメージが強 った4WDシステムを乗用ステーションワゴンに採用する さきがけ」となった記念碑的モデル。本車両に採用さ ているレザーシートはフランス車風のデザインと生産3 2年後の現在でも劣化・硬化の少ない高品質な素材が奢 れている。シートと同系色で整えられたライトベージ 基調のインテリア。ドア内張りには3種類の異なる素材 組み合わされ、フロアは毛足の長めのブラウンのカー ットでコーディネートされている。スバル4WD=バンの概 念を打ち破るステーションワンゴン発売。当初から輸出 品質とツーリングワゴンのプレミアム感向上に注力して いた先見はすごい。非常に軽いクラッチを踏み込みカチ ッと決まるトランスミッション操作しての走りはツーリ ングワゴンのネーミングに恥じぬ軽快で疲労の少ない走 り心地を実現。フラット4エンジンのフィールなどなか かに味のある走行性能が愉しめる昭和スバルのテイス 満載の1台・・・レオーネ ツーリングワゴン。

Here's what Subaru Head Gaskets Look like When They die.
Amazon has head gasket sets HERE→http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000C2AISU/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_ tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000C2AISU&linkCode=as2&tag =httpwwwyou00f-20 be sure to check year make and model for compatibility. Here's what Subaru Head Gaskets Look like When They die. My new channel for my helicopters, skiing and hobby's is http://www.youtube.com/user/THESkiViking?feature=watch

スバル・レオーネ ボクサーサウンド / Subaru Leone Boxer-Sound
車齢25年、21万キロを超えた レオーネの「どろどろ音」です。 3rd Generation, 1988 Subaru Leone wagon, 132,000 miles, normal engine sounds.

1992 Subaru Loyale
This is a One owner car.It only has 139800 miles on it.It comes with power door locks and windows Also comes with power mirrors A/C Rear defroster.I also have all the service records for the car.This is a clean low mileage car that has good gas mileage and a four wheel drive.Manual Transmission 5 speed.

1980s Subaru Drifting

Nice Subaru Impreza WRX STi with 775 HP !!! Enjoy it

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