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1983 Ford Ranger 357w

buckles drag racing 83 ranger 7.067 at 95.59 mph 1/8 mile! justin buckles


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fox body mustang 514ci
turtle racing his Mustang at cherokee motorsports park

96 f150 track pass 357w
My truck at the track. Making some progress

96 mustang 410w
zaney racing at cherokee motorsports park

11 Second Ranger
My brother racing his 1983 Ford Ranger with a 357 windsor at Portland International Raceway.

97 mustang 388w
buckles drag racing 97 Mustang at farmington dragway

Ford Ranger beats Corvette
It's not often you see a Ford Ranger outrun a C5 Corvette in a drag race, but the little teal truck in the left lane features a Nitrous fed small block and a great-working suspension. The Corvette driver missed a shift, but wouldn't have had enough for the Ford either way. Great action from Draggin' for Toys, an annual charity drag racing event at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip. https://www.facebook.com/brainerddrag https://www.facebook.com/dragginfortoys

83 Ford Ranger
83 Ford Ranger 2.3L 2 Barrel carb Lowered GT body kit 4-speed

4X4 Ford Ranger Races a SVT Lightning
My brothers 1999 Ford ranger has a 351 Windsor that has been stroked out to a 421. This race took place at the Bristol Motor Speedway. I raced a Supercharged SVT Lightning.

1988 Foxbody Mustang 357w First time out of the garage after the build
Still needs a lot of fine tuning and double checking of all the bolts, but pulling it out of the garage on its own power. 357w keith flat top pistons, stock crank, stock connecting rods, cast iron 1969 ported heads, edelbrock performer plus cam, edelbrock performer intake, edelbrock 650 carb. Shorty pacesetter headers, straight back flowmaster 44 series Exhaust. Msd coil, msd 6al box, ac delete, heater core delete, 7 qt canton racing oil pan, aje k member. t5 trans, 95 starter and solenoid.. Stock rear end gears. Tubular Upper and Lower control arms Fully built in a one man garage with a few good buddies, No fancy tools, just a cheap compressor, a decent set of hand tools and a few cold bud lights!

1983 ford ranger drag racing
buckles drag racing 83 ranger at farmington dragway

9 Second Ford Ranger 35 Windsor Nitrous on Pass Time
This was recorded with a Motorola Droid, thus why the sucky video and not-so-great sound. This is a lil project my Dad and I have been working on for years. It's snowballed from a stock 302 to a built 351with Nitrous. It was my truck when I was in high school but he's always been the tuner and has built it. I just handed him the wrenches :P This was the second run with the progressive Nitrous controller on and I think it hurt us, as he only launched on 100 HP (has launched on 200 before). But we didn't have time to really test before getting on the show. A few specs: 5.8 ltr 351 Windsor Forged internals, fully balanced Edelbrock Al Heads/Intake/Nitrous kit/Nitrous Controller Custom hedders Full MSD ignition Quick Fuel Carb (built using a Holly double pumper) Custom 4 link Suspension c6 Trans 3:73 gears Good tuning. This truck is streetable and can be driven daily if you want to burn through some gas. Gets about 12mpg It has went 9's once before, check my other videos for that. Enj0y!

Clutch Replacement Ford Ranger & Mazda B-Series
In this video I show you step by step on how to replace your clutch,slave cylinder,pressure plate,pilot bearing,rear mail seal, input shaft seal and re-sealing the entire transmission case. Help Support My Channel: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9ZT925 NTLR5E6 Visit me at: http://www.Nthefastlane.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nthefastlane Google+: https://plus.google.com/117540915227325837174 Don't for

1927 Ford: Double-Trouble -- /BIG MUSCLE
Owner: • Gordon Tronson In the world of hot-rodding there are few cars that are going to leave as big an impression as this - the 1927 Ford Model T custom simply known as "Double-Trouble". It rides on a custom-built tube chassis that's fabricated from 1.5-inch tube. Is powered by two 4.6-liter modular V8s from Ford with four, count 'em, FOUR Superchargers for an approximate power output of around 1,200 hp. It also utilizes the rear-end (inboard disc brakes and all) from an early Jaguar. It's a rolling a Hot Wheels car and a masterpiece of engineering that is sure to make all your naughty bits tingle.

New World's Fastest Car! Ford GT Bad v8 1700 Hp - 455.817 km/h ( Guinness World Records )
Subscribe to our Gaming Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TuningLegend Performance Power Racing Re-Sets the Guinness World Records holding for Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car at 283.232 mph Johnny Bohmer Owner of Performance Power Racing and Driver of the World Famous BADD GT, along with Matt Lundy, Lead Design Tech, piloted the 1700+ horse power Ford GT down NASA's Shuttle Landing Facility Runway this week setting a new Guinness World Record at 283.232 mph in the Standing Mile. The Standing Mile is an event in which a vehicle, from a dead stop, accelerates completely through the one mile mark. http://www.performancepowerracing.com http://www.eyecandycarcare.com http://www.performancepowermaterials.com http://www.starfighters.net http://www.stage3imports.com

67 fairlane
buckles drag racing 67 fairlane 410ci sbf! jason buckles

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2003 Ford Ranger Full Tube Chassis: 7.414 @ 183.980
Don Nase Jr, Engine: 2.3 Liter, Turbos: Single

1983 Ford Ranger short wheelbase: 9.690 @ 119.000
Robert, Engine: 408, Tires: 11.00

1984 Ford Ranger : 9.710 @ 136.000
, Engine: 331,

1987 Ford Ranger : 9.943 @ 132.520
Jay Taylor, Engine: 351 Windsor, Supercharger: Nope Turbos: Nope Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Drags

1989 Ford Ranger : 9.980 @ 135.480
Roughcut Racing Ranger, Engine: 408 Windsor (All Motor), Supercharger: Nope Turbos: Nope Tires: 31*12.5*15 MT rear / Hooiser 26/3.5 Front

1984 Ford Ranger xl: 10.572 @ 120.400
Ron Graham, Engine: 347, Tires: Hoosier

1998 Ford Ranger : 10.790 @ 124.000
Kevin Ouellette, Engine: ford 347, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: Mickey thompson 29.5 x 10.5

1983 Ford Ranger : 10.873 @ 125.030
Jeff Whitaker, Engine: 347, Supercharger: weiand 174 Tires: M/T Drag Radials

1984 Ford Ranger : 11.000 @ 121.000
Richard Novak, Engine: 466 Big Block Ford, Tires: Hoosier QuickTime Pro

1984 Ford Ranger Long Bed: 11.055 @ 121.000
Mark, Engine: 501, Tires: Et Streets

1989 Ford Ranger : 11.125 @ 118.930
Darin Johnson, Engine: 351 Windsor, Tires: 31x16.5 et streets

1984 Ford Ranger : 11.380 @ 116.770
Mike Georgelin, Engine: 89 5.0L,

1992 Ford Ranger : 11.620 @ 112.000
nathan, Engine: 302, Tires: mickey street radial drags

1998 Ford Ranger : 12.065 @ 114.830
Jess Warren, Engine: 2.5 block, Supercharger: No Turbos: Holset hx35 Tires: Slicks

1993 Ford Ranger : 12.400 @ 108.000
lofgren, Engine: 302, 0 0 Tires: 11.5 x 15 slick

1995 Ford Ranger : 12.510 @ 101.650
Steven Meyer, Engine: 302 ci, Tires: Drag Radial

1986 Ford Ranger : 12.810 @ 107.000
John, Engine: dodge 360, Tires: slick

1985 Ford Ranger shortbed: 12.955 @ 110.010
Ian Olson, Engine: 289 V8, Tires: 245/45/R17 Cooper Zeon 2XS

1987 Ford Ranger Cobra: 13.170 @ 102.460
Cody, Engine: 93' Cobra 302ci, Tires: BFG Radial T/A's

1987 Ford Ranger : 14.309 @ 95.320
David MacBeth, Engine: 289, Tires: BFG's


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