Lexus IS F Hot Laps

One lap with a professional driver in a Lexus IS F at Summit Point Race Track.

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Lexus ISF vs Cayman GT4 Pittrace Combined 5/7/16
Auto interest track day Group B May 7th 2016 full bolt on 2008 Lexus ISF on street tires chasing down a Cayman GT4 on Michelin Pilot Sport cup 2 look for the point by at the one minute 52nd mark

Lexus IS-F Laguna Seca Hot Lap
This is a video of hot lap driven by the instructor on a fully-loaded with 4 adults on an IS-F

Lexus Driving Academy -- IS-F Video
Taking a "HOT LAP" with professional race car driver, Chris Mitchum. We drove in a 2008 Lexus IS-F, around a race car track in Summit Point, West Virginia. We spent the day in WV, at this event known as Lexus Performance Driving Academy.

Lexus IS-F Hot lap
In an IS-F racing around the autobahn country club in Joliet, IL