Field Racing; Lumina Vs. 2010 Malibu

Bobby havin' fun with a rental.

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2010 Malibu cranks/no start up problem solved
This is a very common issue with the Malibu's and it can get quiet costly. This 2010 Malibu can be a nightmare since there are many possibilities to a no start condition. I had to do it the hard way yet to discover that a faulty and poorly designed relay could also be one of those possibilities. The issue with the relay is it has a mind of its own, which it shouldn't have. I discovered this weird behavior of the relay after I had already changed the ignition switch and ignition cylinder which are also likely to be faulty but it's not where I should have started from. Once I had a no start condition again, I sprayed some start up fuel into the air intake to test if the spark plugs are doing their job. The engine engaged for a second or two and would shut off, this gave a thumbs up to the spark plugs/coils and also hinted no fuel injection, which led me to consider the fuel pump since I thought it wasnt a problem all along since a bad fuel pump would never let the vehicle start but mine fires up at random times. First, I tested the fuel pump relay and discovered it was faulty. Rather than just inserting a new relay I bypassed the relay by short circuiting pin 30 & 87 on the relay. Tried to start the car and bingo! At this point it was confirmed that it is the relay. I pulled the relay out again, removed my bypass short circuit wire and gave it a few taps. Now I tested it again to see if the random no startup conditions are due to any unusual behavior in the relay. The test was surprising, the relay decided it would start working again. At this point I am confident to say I am finally over and done with this problem and if it happens again I will be sure to jump in the trunk and start from there instead of going under the steering wheel.

Awesome Friday Evening
Friday evening with friends and family. A good time to wash the salt off our vehicles.

Field Racing; Ford Ranger Vs. Dodge Ram 1500
Great air on these races

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