Field Racing; Lumina Vs. 2010 Malibu

Bobby havin' fun with a rental.

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The DPP GetsCreamed

2010 Chevy Malibu vs 2010 Toyota Camry by Jeff Dignan at Apple Chevrolet
Video walkaround of the Chevy Malibu with comparisons to the Toyota Camry.

Play Nice or Else
Garret must learn to play by the rules. Hahahaha!!!! Sorry for the shotty camera work, spur of the moment and trying to steer the loader and work the controls.

07 Camry V6 vs 2010 Malibu V6
Both stock 1st race: me 2nd, him auto 2nd race: me auto gave him head start, him 1st or 2nd 3rd race: me 1st gear :) him auto Camry: stock 3.5 268hp 6spd Malibu: stock 3.6 252hp 6spd