94 4Runner: TAILGATE TIME! FRIGGIN RIGHTS! (08/06/11)

Well, I went out to my buddy's place and pulled the 4runner rear tailgate off his parts runner. i swapped out the window and actuators for the parts gate, then took his window and actuator. i also swapped out his taillights, so i got to keep his old one too! Just gotta call him next week and do a bit of work for him! Thanks for Watching!

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Rear Window Repair on 90-95 4runner Toyota
This is the fastest and easiest way to fix the tailgate window on a 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 or 1995 Toyota 4runner. In this video I will show you how to disable the rear wiper blade motor and bypass the wiper blade position sensor so you can restore the functionality of your rear tailgate window on your second generation 2nd Gen Toyota 4 runner. Link to www.yotateck.com article titled "Back Window Relay Fix" http://www.yotatech.com/f128/back-window-relay-fix-1990-4runner-137310/

1994 4Runner Tailgate Assembly
Here is how to assemble a 1994 Toyota 4Runner Tailgate. It took me a bit to figure out the first time I did it, so I thought I'd do a video on it to show everyone else! Just reverse the steps for removing the window and regulator! Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe!

toyota 4 runner rear window fix
Shows how the rear window on a 1988 toy 4 runner works and how to fix it. How to jump the wires if the switches do no work. Try red to ground. Green to ground using 12 volt battery. Careful of t license plate bolts.

87 4Runner tailgate window drama, etc 1