My Rx7

A video I slapped together with a short day's shoot worth of footage. Car ride height has since been lowered. *I just noticed that the music wasn't synced well to the ending of the video. I apologize for that! Mazda Rx7 Rx-7 FD FD3S rotary 13b rew 13b-rew

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Rotary Experience
djo's RX7 Montage : Jessy PENELON Follow me on Facebook : musique : La roux - i'm not your toy (nero remix)

Rx7 vs Rx7

Picking up my 1992 FD3S RX7!
Hey guys, here's the video of me picking up my FD3S. I'm super stoked, it looks awesome, I hope you guys like it too. Stay tuned for more updates! Check out my Instagram page:

GUTTING RX7 INTERIOR | Because Racecar | Project Drift - EP. 4
I’ve never done this before so I’m kinda just wingin it!! … Live & Learn! ALSO, I filmed this video and the next one ill be releasing LAST YEAR--Wanted to get you guys caught up with everything I've done to the car to date, so thought I'd make an edit anyway. I ended up loosing the footage from my main memory card, so had to piece together as much as i could—hope you could follow along! I know the quality is pretty crap here, so bare with me. UP NEXT -- SOUND DEADENING REMOVAL HERE’S THE INTERIOR REMOVER KIT I USED: Panel Removal Tool 5 pcs - IF YOU WANT ME PINK TOOLS :P (not sure why they are so expensive now!) ———————————— Music: Cotarvoid - Lacuna [Future Bass]