LS1 Powered Datsun 1200 ute

How's this for some serious power to weight? Mick Gardner's little Datsun ute has a 5.7-litre Gen-III engine shoehorned up front and it's a whole lot of fun on and off the track.

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MISSXD Interview - Five Minutes with Dayna Gough
So here we are guys, the interview you've all been waiting on - MISSXD Dayna Gough. And yes she is married. This isn't your typical interview, we talk to Dayna while she's getting her car ready for the next day, so you can see she does actually work on her own car.

LS1 Powered Panelvan Rides the Limiter
Justin Webb did pretty well in the burnout comeptition at Summernats 25 with this on-the-limiter smokeshow that scored him 4th place. The black HX panelvan smoked them hard until both tyres popped.

WTOFIT - Crazy Rotary Powered Van Burnout
We popped in to the Good Fryday Burnout at Sydney Dragway to check out the action and found this totally insane little rotary powered Suzuki van ripping a few skids. Check out that glowing Exhaust. We've seen a few hot systems in our time but never one that glowed so brightly.

QUIET1 Screaming VS Commodore wagon
They don't get more Australian than this airbrushed Commodore wagon. Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.