Ford Escort RS 2000 Sauber Edition

Ford Escort MK7 RS 2000 Sauber Editon :)

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Ford Escort RS 2000 F1 Project
Der wiederaufbau eines RS 2000 F1 und die ersten Pokalsiege =)

MK5 and MK7 Ford Escort mine

Mrki's Ford Escort RS2000 Sauber
Mrki's Ford Escort RS2000 Sauber on the streets of Belgrade (Serbia). Typical day of a Ford driver (in Serbia) - have a look under the bonnet, have a drive, be ambushed by the gypsies and offered to sell the car. Filmed just for fun, nothing too serious.

"Leidensweg" meines Ford Escort RS 2000
Mein Herz blutet ich musst ihn abgeben... =(