Ford Escort RS 2000 Sauber Edition

Ford Escort MK7 RS 2000 Sauber Editon :)

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Ford Escort RS 2000 F1 Project
Der wiederaufbau eines RS 2000 F1 und die ersten Pokalsiege =)

Mrki's Ford Escort RS2000 Sauber
Mrki's Ford Escort RS2000 Sauber on the streets of Belgrade (Serbia). Typical day of a Ford driver (in Serbia) - have a look under the bonnet, have a drive, be ambushed by the gypsies and offered to sell the car. Filmed just for fun, nothing too serious.

MK5 and MK7 Ford Escort mine

Escort Cosworth launch 2010
Mein Cossie, beim Ampelstart und ein paar Bilder von 2010