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Escort cosworth Silverstone

A session from Ford Fair 2012 in a bastos livered Escort Cosworth


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ford fair 2012

1° Raduno Cosworth Club RS ( Vicenza 2006 ).mpg

AndyD and Louis Sheppard escort cosworth croft rsoc 2012
A run round croft in a bastos livered escort cosworth at the rsoc day 2012, just taking it easy as it was Lois's first time on track!

Andy D bastos escort cosworth
First time at crail in my escort cosworth

Nurburgring Oldtimer 2012- Club Ford cosworth - Yves.
Club Ford Cosworth (France) trip to the Nurburgring for the 2012 Oldtimer Grand Prix. Public view and Nordshleife run. 11/08/2012 & 12/08/2012. http://cosworth.protois.com

Oppliger Romain with Ford escort cosworth WRC St Ursanne Les Rangiers 2013
escort wrc with 34mm restrictor 300hp and xtrac sequential gearbox 6th place in E1

Ford Escort RS Cosworth in Canada with tuning advice
I purchased this restored this modified Escort RS Cosworth from England. In stock form the YB engine was rated at 225 hp. When this car came out 1992, 0-60 times were about the same as more modern Porsche Boxter S, but with huge power tuning potential when compared to the Porsche. First off, these are not easy cars to tune for the street, so you better do your research. It's best to speak two or three experts in the UK before you attempt any modification, but if setup correctly, they will put a big smile on your face. There are two versions of the Escort Cosworth, the T35 larger turbo cars and the smaller T25 turbo cars. The newer version also had side impact bars and airbags. They both had pluses and minuses which I can't get into all the details here. You can read more about it here http://www.fastfordmag.co.uk/files/old/FAF245.buyer.pdf . I recommend you buy a restored and modified car over a used original car unless you want the car as a collector's item. Mark Barber in the UK restores cars 011 44 7909 544 906 rbarberfordmotorsport@aol.com , www.rsforum.com . If you want a serious performance car, you should look at this car as a starting point where you modify it to outperform modern cars. In term of tuning potential, reliable street HP is about 600hp. In full race mode, over 1000 HP 11,000 rpm is attainable. These engines are quite exotic and you need to know what your doing when tuning them, as trying to build a responsive 300 HP, 400 ft/lbs of torque at 4000 rpm 4 cylinder is much more difficult to build than say a Ford V8 which has an additional 4 cylinders. This is why ECU mapping is critical. If you are serious about tuning this engine, you need to upgrade the ECU and have it mapped by someone who is an expert, and the only real experts are in the UK or Europe. Tuners that I recommend are Field Motorsport, Motorsports Developments, Oppliger Motorsport, Jon Edwards Race Engineering, Julian Godfrey Engineering and Dave Rowe from EPS Motorsports in the UK can map your engine. You can trust they know what they are doing. There are two schools of thought when tuning Cosworths. The old school way with standard ECU, older turbos, and low compression and the more modern way of tuning with standard to high compression, modern turbos, and modern ECU's. The high compression guys like don't like the old school approach guys and the old school guys don't like the modern approach guys.The most popular and the best way of tuning in last 15 years is to use normal to higher compression. The top tuners and race teams are all using high compression engines over low compression. The Motec ECU MA100 is more flexible than the Pectel, but it costs about $3,500 US while the Pectel costs about $2000 US. The Vipec will do 99% of what the Motec will do, but at a lower price.The cost of the Vipec is about $1,700. Which is what my tuner MD Developments uses. I don't think this is as good of a method of tuning an ECU, but if you are on budget, you can try and use the standard ECU by GEMS. What they do is take the main chip out of the standard Cosworth ECU and then put a 64 bit chip which is Windows based. In terms of cams, the YB Cosworth loves standard Exhaust cams and they respond really well to a much bigger Inlet camshaft. When you use a bigger Exhaust cam is ruins the lower end response/grunt/Torque. Only in rare instances do you change the Exhaust cam. MA Developments has engines with over 700 HP with stock Exhaust cams. For higher HP engine, injectors should be in the 750cc to 1000 cc. Many people will tell you that you will get "bore wash" if you use larger injector's, which shortens the life of the engine, but if mapped correctly the 750 to 1000 cc injectors will not bore wash at slow speeds as more ignition can be used to burn it off. On the street, some people who want a lot of low end torque and HP, go for a similar setup to the WRC race cars, but a WRC setup from what I understand stresses the engine a lot and does not produce long engine life. I have gone to a different rout, using the Borg Warner EFR-7064 that Mark at MD Developments recommend. This is a large turbo that produces a lot of reliable low end grunt. An new Exhaust manifold will also greatly help low end torque and HP. In terms of the gear box, if your car is modified, you need to strengthen the transmission, as third gear is not strong. Oppliger motorsport in Italy have a good kit to strengthen the transmission. They also have another kit that will give you a tighter gear ratio in addition to strength. Using shorter gears will feel like you have added an additional 100 HP. If you are not an animal with your gearbox, you can get away with about 400 hp. To quote Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson: "You can keep your McLaren F1 mate, this is the bomb". "I was first in line for the Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, but then the Ford Escort Cosworth came along. It was no contest". Jin Takemura Former PR man for Mitsubishi

Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4
RS Cosworth YB engine with piston slap .

Fordfair 2012 Track time video
Fordfair 2012 Track time video

Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 - 2.3BAR
Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 turbo 2.3BAR

Ford Escort mk1 rs1600 Cosworth BDA
Fully original restored Escort mk1 rs1600, no reshell. Imported from Switzerland. Delivered from new 1972 Ford Switzerland original LHD Daytona Yellow car. Following mods, Ralloy alloy radiator with elec fan, Bilstein F&R, AP brakes, fully rebuild longstem big valve 1840 alloy all steel BDA on 45dcoe9 which can be seen in the other movie, Motorsport extra big wing sump bd3's, Contour seats/headrests new Beta, LSD, Cibie diode, ss big bore Exhaust, alloy bellhousing, Ford 5,5Jx13 rims, Halda, Springalex deep dish, Butlers map etc. Questions/replies alexvoetballer@hotmail.com


Ford Escort Cosworth ' Loud Sound !!!

Harvey Gibbs - Group A Escort RS Cosworth - FordFair 2010 - 0-60: 2.9Sec
Here's a short video of Harvey Gibbs running a 2.9sec 0-60 time at the 2010 FordFair, held at Silverstone on 08/08/10. Harvey Gibbs Supreme Car Services +44 (0)1733 576614 GoPro HD Hero Camera by Jonny Jones http://www.jonnyjones.co.uk

Ford Escort Cosworth Twin Turbo at Santa Pod Raceway
9 second runs by a Twin turbo Ford Escort Cosworth Like the Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Mk1Kieran Subscribe for more!

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