E46 Magnaflow 14816 Muffler With Second Resonator Deleted

e46 2nd res delete with magnaflow 14816 muffler

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BMW E46 magnaflow exhaust + Headers (Revving)
BMW 323i with a custom magnaflow catback. No resonator. Ebay headers. Dinan Carbon Fiber CAI. For the best sound quality, use headphones!

BMW E46 Magnaflow Exhaust
2002 325i it has 2 individual Magnaflow mufflers (Part #14809) and second resonator has been removed. This is a cold start and sounds relatively the same in person except it idles a bit quieter in person. Whole set up including installation cost around $400.

Flowmaster outlaw on BMW
2001 BMW 330CI with flowmaster

Mufflar + Resonator Delete on e46 325i
Canon SLR camera used compare sound to my GoPro upload and you will notice how clean the car sounds and even better in person. http://youtu.be/LUAINUw6x5w go pro version.