Apple Store Amsterdam Leidseplein iPad Mini release countdown 2 november 2012

About 200 people were waiting at the Apple Store Leidseplein in Amsterdam for the release of the new iPad mini.

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iPad mini Launch
We talk to the people who queued to buy an iPad mini, despite the cold. In our video of the iPad mini launch we talk to the people heading up the queue at the Regent Street Apple Store about why they are buying an iPad mini and why they wanted to camp out on Regent Street on a cold November night. The queuers also share their thoughts about the new iPads, discussing the pros and cons of the iPad mini compared to the standard iPad, and their preferences for black or white. Will the iPad mini be the must-have Christmas present? Is the price too high? Why not wait until Apple launches the cellular version of the iPad mini? And what will people be doing with their iPad 3? We find out. Read more at

iPad Mini Launch Event at 5th Ave Apple Store
Only days after Superstorm Sandy, people woke up early to line up for the iPad Mini and iPad 4 release. The iPad Mini was first to sell out in a matter of hours at Apple's flagship store on 5th Ave. #iPad

Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks
I came up with 10 Tips and Tricks which will help you get started & enhance your experience with the iPad mini! LINKS & INFO BELOW: I've been an iOS user for quite some time now. So I decided to do a video on some tips & tricks which will help you get started with your Apple iPad mini. If you are a current iPad/iPad mini user, some of these will help you enhance your experience. I aimed this video towards new and current users. Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions. 1. Security (Passlock & Find my iPhone through iCloud) 2. Spotlight 3. Folders 4. Multitasking 5. Multitasking Gestures 6. Lock Screen & Mute button 7. Accessibility 8. Screenshot 9. Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, Select All, and Dictate 10. Reading List (Read Offline) BONUS - Kindle App (Free) will allow you to access your kindle library & amazon book store. What you can search in Spotlight: - Contacts (All content) - Apps (Titles) - Music (Names of songs, artists, and albums, and the titles of podcasts and videos)- - Podcasts (Titles) - Videos (Titles) - Audiobooks (Titles) - Notes (Text of notes) - Calendar (Events, Event titles, invitees, locations, and notes) - Mail (To, From, and Subject fields of all accounts (the text of messages isn't searched) - Reminders (Titles) - Messages (Names and text of messages) - Web or Wikipedia Thanks for Watching! --- Social Networks: Instagram: Search for DudeFromUkraine Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks Apple iPad mini: 10 Tips & Tricks

First iPad Air on sale at the Apple Store Amsterdam
November 1st 2013 the new iPad Air went on sale. The Apple Store Amsterdam opened early and I think there were about 150 people waiting in line. A lot less than last week with the new iPhones.