Anglia 105e 2.3 V6

105e Anglia running a Cologne 2.3 V6. Triple 40 IDF webers. 2nd real run in car, carbs still need to be synchronized and the throtle linkage needs attention but it is running finally. Running a Megajolt ignition system.

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capri 3.0s 3100 v6 with triple 40 webers
capri 3.0s 3100 v6 triple 40dcnf carbs,big valve heads ,double valve springs,steel timing gear,elec ignition,race cam,oil cooler kit,alloy rocker covers, circa 210bhp

Anglia 105e Forsale
been in a shed 20 years, washed it, practically had it running, to good to break so offered forsale £950

ford sierra pinto 2000 weber 40 dcoe kent cam fr32
ford pinto 2000 kent cam fr32 weber 40 dcoe

Anglia 105e 1700 Harris Crossflow. Noisy!!
My beloved Anglebox, didn't really rev it up too much hear as my dad worries about annoying the neighbours. Personally i dont give a shit and when i get one of the lads round i'll get a vid of some donuts in my Cul de Sac!