Anglia 105e 2.3 V6

105e Anglia running a Cologne 2.3 V6. Triple 40 IDF webers. 2nd real run in car, carbs still need to be synchronized and the throtle linkage needs attention but it is running finally. Running a Megajolt ignition system.

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Ford Capri 2.3 Cologne V6 is running again!
Ford Capri 2.3 Cologne V6 is running again!

Mitsubishi VR4 6A13TT engine in Ford Anglia 105E First Fire
After months of work, and chopping about the wiring loom from the Mitsubishi Galant VR4 the engine is out of, it's fired up for the first time in the Ford Anglia.

Ford Ranger 2.9 Dyno
Dyno of a stock 2.9 liter 5 speed 2wd ford ranger. At my friends shop we were all curious what my daily beater put down. 125whp @4600rpm and 155tq@ 2500rpm. Surprised me hahaha. Pretty good numbers for something with 218k on the clock when factory they rated for 140 crank.

One Tree Hill - U2 Tribute to the Pike River Miners
Footage of U2 playing 'One Tree Hill' at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium (25/11/10). Thank you U2 for this touching tribute to New Zealand and the 29 lives we lost in the last week.