2011 SHO vs 2011 Camaro SS

2011 SHO Toronto Motorsport Park

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Boss 302 Vs. Taurus SHO

2011 FORD SHO vs SRT8 Charger

Turbo SHO takes on several worthy challengers
Toolman '90 SHO turbonetics 430WHP and 412FT-LBS Lightning 418WHP and 509FT-LBS C5 Corvette with LS6 conversion 450HP SHOMurph '92 SHO 3.0L Vortech 442WHP and 340FT-LBS Texantony '92 SHO 3.2L Vortech 430WHP and 350FT-LBS

Taurus SHO loudest blow off valves!
This is the easiest mod on the twin turbo Taurus shows. No true hp gains (unless you want to claim a few) but real results! Simply showing how to vent your factory BOV to atmosphere and improve the amazing noises these true American muscle machines are capable of producing. If we can do it, anyone can.