SKF Lancer 8.20 @ 162 MPH @ TTUNDRA Drag Event #1 2014

Ryan Garcia's SKF Lancer does a time of 8.20 @ 162 MPH @ TTUNDRA Drag Event #1 2014 with 1.26 60ft making him the Fastest Sport Compact Car to run on this Track. Congrats to the Team !!!

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SKF Lancer tribute
Once again, extremely sorry for the late post. But here is the long anticipated, SKF Lancer, tribute run.

Sean Ready Monster Sunny 20B@ TTUNDRA Drag Event #1 2015 !

SKF Lancer vs Venom Truck
Pro Class Final - IDRC's International Event (2002)

SKF Lancer coming out of the trailer
SKF Lancer finally made it home