Saab 900 turbo escape Jetex 2,5"

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Saab 900Turbo
So klingt eine Simmons 2,5"-Sportauspuffanlage in Verbindung mit einem Metall-Katalysator That´s the sound of a Simmons 2,5" - Exhaust with a metal race-kat

Diket racing Saab og900 turbo 4

Saab 900 Turbo with 3" JT Exhaust in Tunnel
Saab 900 Low Pressure turbo with 3" JT Exhaust in Tunnel

SAAB 900 TURBO (Trollsta) 2.5" Simons
New stuff - full 2.5" Simons exaust system, hope to improve acceleration, sounds mutch better, from inside, then cheap predecessor, and of course looks better... Lookin' forward for the weather, to test it out fully with summer tyres on... Water coming out from the pipes after carwash...