An INCREDIBLE stash of old abandoned cars.

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Model T Ford Starts after 60+ years
1921 T Starts for the first time. The gas tank I had sitting in the floor was not working well until I put my right foot under it.

Look at Life - Down In The Dumps 1965
An excellent "Look at life" video clip from The Rank Organisation dated September 1965 looking at what's being done to clear the streets of dumped cars, contains some very upsetting scenes! Link to DVD advert.

Another Strange Odd Creepy Town In Nevada Desert Near Area 51! Abandoned Cars & Trucks
Driving North from Las Vegas we encounter the "Area 51 Circle" as I call it.... way out in the Nevada Desert. A vast area of odd UFO sightings, Military bases, strange quirky towns, abandoned cars and trucks and all manner of weirdness! Totally fascinating! One of the first funky towns we hit along the route is Beatty, Nevada. Entering Beatty from the South is a unique experience. You drive for a hundred miles out of Vegas and see almost nothing but desert....then you come across what looks like a permanent Flea Market. A mile long line of folks in tents, trailers and creaky buildings selling roadside treasures. It's a 7 day a week thing....and it's pretty interesting! This is the south entrance to Beatty! A very old town from the early days of the West....Beatty has a lot of cool heritage buildings and it's also the "gateway to Death Valley". We decided to shoot a video us driving through the town one recent trip. Hope you enjoy the ride along with us! ~Kenneth

Top10Linch - Abandoned Classic Cars
AWESOME Jaguar, Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche.. Only Classic Cars!! Top 10 Linch - Official Channel