Cold 370z Twin Turbo Start Up

Z cold start up....the "smoke" is condensation bc the car has been sitting for 48 hours + and it was below 50 that night. Goes away in later videos that show the car warm ;) Also ignore my humming in the beginning. I think Im a little too happy ;)

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Twin Turbo 370Z canyon run
Enjoy :)

RAD Twin Turbo Nismo 370Z | Custom Turbo-Back Exhaust | Real Auto Dynamics
Nissan 370Z Nismo Edition Real Auto Dynamics Twin turbo Kit Real Auto Dynamics custom-built turbo-back Exhaust. Turn up the volume!

CJ Motorsports / Greddy Twin Turbo 370z 60-155
Not racing or shifting fast... had to drive one-handed to hold the phone. This was back when the car had 525rwhp. In this video the car was merely 7.5psi Boost with 100% bolt-on modifications, stock ECU reflashed. 2009 370z 6MT. Mods: Greddy TT Kit + Tial BOVs, ID1000cc Injectors, CJM Fuel + Tuning of Uprev Osiris software, Greddy Exhaust, OSGiken Twin Clutch. Bone stock long block. 7.5psi Boost, E85 fuel. Update: Car is still going strong and no issues. Boost was increased to 9psi and the car made 586rwhp. Its been running at that Boost level for a year now. Update Again, Car made 671rwhp 9/10/14 at 12psi. About 150hp more than it had in this video.

370Z Twin Turbo (Low)
370Z GTM Stage 2 Twin turbo at low Boost (6 PSI)