1966 Coupe to Fastback conversion - cutting off the roof

Learn how to cut off the roof of a coupe including the pieces that are different from a coupe to a fastback. Also prepare the car for the fastback donor roof.

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1966 Coupe to fastback conversion - welding on the new roof!
How to convert a Mustang coupe into a fastback. In this video Greg Hillyer goes over the welding and prep prior to welding on the fastback donor roof

1966 Mustang Coupe to Fastback conversion - Donor Roof
A walk around the 1966 fastback donor roof. What is different between a 1966 fastback Mustang and a Mustang coupe.

1966 Coupe to Fastback conversion - quick look before body work
with the welding complete the first step to prepare for the bodywork is the application of epoxy primer. for additional photos see flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/theacademytv

1966 Coupe to Fastback Conversion update
Final walk around prior to sending to body shop for paint. Widening the wheel wheels and some other minor tweaks.