1931 Ford Model A Truck Start & Drive

1931 Ford Model A Truck Starting and Drive

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Starting The Model A
This is the first time the car was started after about two years of not being run.

A Ride in a 1931 Ford Model A Pickup - Happy 90th Birthday, Dad!
While visiting my father, Byron (By) Wingett in Anacortes, WA, to celebrate his 90th birthday, the Pacific NW fall weather was absolutely beautiful, perfect for a ride in his Ford Model A pickup! I decided to record video of Dad's beautiful machine and our ride so that I could share my experience with my YouTube audience. I hope you enjoy the ride! Ahooga!!!

How to Start and Drive 1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
This is my 1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan For Sale. In this video I'll show you the proper way to start and drive the car.

Starting and driving 1931 Ford Model A
How to start and drive a model A Ford and going for a drive with my Dad.