Volvo 240 Ownage

Volvo 240: 2.3L turbo with stock motor and auto trans! Owning modded SRT-4 and Lightning as well as a stock SC430!

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The Worst Volvo 240 Ever - (Dirt) One Take
Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders gave Matt a 1992 Volvo 240 and, even at free, it's so awful he doesn't want it. Nevertheless, the opportunity for rallycross was too hard to pass up. Location is known affectionately as "Hoontown." Follow them on Instagram at

The sound of Volvo 240
Volvo 240 is a car that makes a lot of peculiar sounds. This is a film about the sounds that are so unique for the swedish classic. In swedish - but the sounds that you probably remember is of course universal.

Volvo 240 High Speed Test
A stock Volvo 240 reaches topspeed on a regular public road in broad daylight. 185km/h recorded, not bad for a brick. I'm a pro, don't try this your self!

Volvo 240 Power!
Volvo 240 brunouts and drifts.