Dodge Challenger 426 Stroker Dyno Pull 1

Low Compression Arrington 426 Stroker HP: 454.6 @ 5500 TQ: 461.3 ft/lbs @ 4500

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426 Hemi Challenger vs SL55 AMG
Video provided by Dyno-Comp

Arrington Performance 426 HEMI Stroker Powered 2009 Challenger SRT8

Arrington 440 Stroker Cutouts, OPEN-CLOSED
2010 Challenger SRT8 with Arrington 440 stroker crate. E-cutouts closed through Corsa true duals vs cutouts open right behind cats.

Maro Boyz "Scrooge" In The 426 Stroker SRT-8 Charger Playin Around
Maro Boyz Scrooge Hittin Donuts In The 426 Stroked SRT-8 Charger W/ 500+ Rear Wheel