King & Marshall AA/FD nitro front engine cackle

King and Marshall front engine AA/FD dragster warming up at New England Dragway in epping N.H 9/11/05

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The Surfers top fuel dragster fires up. After 6 years "THE SURFERS" Top Fuel Dragster recreation was completed by Andy & Ron Marocco of DRAG CITY. Many believed that it wouldn't get done, but we proved otherwise.

The Valley Speed FED: fired for the first time
Tim Conder fires the Valley Speed Front Engine Dragster (FED) for the very first time at the shop in Sonoma, CA with help from Pete Jensen, Chris Bochoko, Rex Hutchison and friends. AUTOCULTURE was there to record the event  ten years in the making!

Psychedelic 70's @ York US 30 Dragway
Four minute promo from the 88 minute full length video. Includes footage from the 1950's, 1969 SS Nat's, 1970 SS Nat's and 1971 SS Nat's. Funny Cars, Pro Stockers, Super Stockers. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds. Visit us at:

Vintage nitro dragster warm up.
2007 CHRR Cacklefest vintage nitro dragster warming up.