460 Ford powered Firebird drag car 11.43@117

Cordova dragway 2006. This was my '79 Firebird. 460 BBF powered. Best run was an 11.43@117. Last run of the clip has the MSD distributor beaking...time to trailer-up.

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460 big block ford

Camaro Iroc Z Ford 460 Big Block
First Drive with new radiator in. I do not own the rights to the music used.

1969 Pontiac Firebird 460 swap (yes, Ford)
Sent on the Now Network? from my Sprint® BlackBerry...Why? Because this engine was built years ago,and its being wasted. Dove heads, 11:1 Comp, it use to turn 44" Boggers with ease in my Bronco. I wasnt happy with the 400 Pontiac I had built, so I am selling it. Plus, I like annoying people that feel its wrong to do this kind of thing ! 500 horsepower, estimated..... But it is in that ballpark...I only exaggerate my fish stories, not HP :rolleyes:

WINNER of Naturally Aspirated Dyno Challenge Vardell Baker 1983 Mustang 460 CID BB Ford
Naturally Aspirated Dyno Challenge Winner -582HP Verdell Baker, 1983 Mustang 460 CID BB Ford Max Torque=446.48 Max Power = 582HP Track Lab Dyno Sponsored by Lane, B&M, and Moroso. Proceeds from all runs to benefit the Lane Automotive Relay for Life campaign. View the Dyno Reports @ www.tracklab.biz under the car show gallery page.