datsun L Series head replacement part 1

Hainz guide on how to replace an L series head gasket, part 1

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L series head gasket replacement part 2
Part 2 of Hainz video

Stan's Datsun 1200 Race Engine
Here's a quick look at Stan's Datsun 1200 race engine as it was assembled and Simtested at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine. (949) 631-6376

1982 Datsun 280zx Camshaft & Valvetrain @ 82,000 Miles
12/17/2011, This just an older video of my Datsun L28E engine. Back in 2009 I needed to replace the original Exhaust on my Z-Car because it was leaking at the cat, Exhaust manifold gasket, and elsewhere in the Exhaust pipe under the car. It was in sad shape. After inspection I found out the last Exhaust manifold bolt next to the firewall was broken off in the aluminum cylinder head. Do not know what the previous owner did or which garage they took this car to, but that owner or mechanic busted off many bolts within the Exhaust system. Since I was "committed" I decided to go the route of a new aftermarket header (Motor Sport Auto) and complete Exhaust system without the cat also from Motor Sport Auto. I also removed the entire Bosch Jet-Tronic EFI system and powder coated all components and installed new injectors, sensors, and fuel and emission hoses. It looks and sounds great. More videos of the finished EFI system and Exhaust system coming soon. Runs great, car is completely stock except the header and open Exhaust, but I'm happy.

L28 PMC Race Engine first start in Datsun 260Z
L28 Engine built by Peter McDonnell in Victoria. Tuned by Les Collins and Peter McDonnell: Triple 44mm Mikuni carbs with 39mm chokes, 88mm SPS forged flattop pistons, FJ spool rods, high lift electromotive grind cam, SWR tuned headers, SWR CNC ported E88 head. 10.5 to 1 compression, 7kg flywheel. 284 fwhp.