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Toyota LandCruiser BJ40 BJ42 FJ40 restoration - frame with engine - RESTORATION update 16-11-2013
Toyota LandCruiser FJ40 / BJ42 frame restoration with 3B Diesel engine swap All new Old Man Emu shocks, leaf springs and bushings. Follow me also on: Video by Ralph Blekkink ULTRA COOL! Toyota Land Cruiser 45 cab on a hdj80 / fzj80 80 Chassis
Toyota Land Cruiser Fzj80 / Hdj80 + Fj40 into a Hdj45 extended cab. engine a 1hd-ft and factory lockers. This is a very nice and time consuming project. .

Cute girl drives open Toyota LandCruiser Jeep - FJ40 BJ40 BJ42 - Bikini top
The good folks over at Toyota are no strangers to the world of great automobiles. They’ve been doing this for decades and today we get a look at one of their classics. Today we get a look at the solid, the durable and incredibly tough, 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40. This bad boy is one of the most iconic automobiles Toyota has ever crafted and was for sale for $22,210. This classic and timeless ride is listed in good condition, rocking the BJ40’s 2977cc, a 4 cylinder engine that runs on diesel fuel, and it’s mated to a manual 4-speed gearbox. This combination may not seem like a powerful combination, but don’t anticipate getting stuck in it either! The 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 is certainly one of the toughest machines ever made. Check it out below and speak your mind on it after the jump. Follow me also on:

1974 FJ40 Land Cruiser Restoration
Check out our website ----- Here is our latest and (last) project we just finished. A 1974 FJ40 Land Cruiser Duane left this little cherub with us a few months ago and asked us to breathe some life back into it again. After many hours of work, here is a musical slide show for your pleasure. Enjoy!