Flowmaster Super 44's vs. Pypes Violators

The old set up (O/R H and Super 44's) vs. the new set up (O/R H and Violators) on the Bullitt

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pypes violator,s vs flowmaster super 44,s
a pypes vs flowmaster

Borla stingers vs Pypes Violators
car on left - 2004 Mustang GT...cam, headers, borla stingers car back, cold air intake, bbk throttle body, C&L plennum car on right - 2001 Mustang bullitt GT....all stop except for cat back pypes violator mufflers

PYPES + Stage 2 Cams = Pissed Off 2000 GT
A short clip of of my 2000 GT with Stage 2 Comp Cams and PYPES bad ass Exhaust. Im running the PYPES (old design) Off road X , and PYPES "Violator" Catback. PYPES FTMFW!!!! Everything is just, well, lame.

borla vs magnaflow _ '03 Cobra
New borla catback for my sra swap on 03 cobra. Exhaust is stock manifolds, o/r X (unsure of brand) and GT "s type" Exhaust. 2nd part of video Exhaust is stock manifolds, o/r X, and magnaflow IRS kit. The borla is noticebly louder in person at idle and at higher rpms. The sound of the magnaflow on video actually sounds more wide open, though it was quite a bit quieter.