Flowmaster Super 44's vs. Pypes Violators

The old set up (O/R H and Super 44's) vs. the new set up (O/R H and Violators) on the Bullitt

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pypes violator,s vs flowmaster super 44,s
a pypes vs flowmaster

Borla stingers vs Pypes Violators
car on left - 2004 Mustang GT...cam, headers, borla stingers car back, cold air intake, bbk throttle body, C&L plennum car on right - 2001 Mustang bullitt GT....all stop except for cat back pypes violator mufflers

PYPES + Stage 2 Cams = Pissed Off 2000 GT
A short clip of of my 2000 GT with Stage 2 Comp Cams and PYPES bad ass Exhaust. Im running the PYPES (old design) Off road X , and PYPES "Violator" Catback. PYPES FTMFW!!!! Everything is just, well, lame.

Mustang Exhaust, Flowmaster 40's vs. Pypes Violator
93 Mustang LX, H/C/I, Paxton Blower, BBK long tubes, BBK catless H pipe Flowmaster Catback vs. Pypes Violator Catback