2 Ford Capri RS on the Nordschleife, GTR2 PC Game, Race

Race between two Ford Capri RS GTC-TC on the Nordschleife Tourist. GTR2 Game with Legends Mod and Mod Track. Its a Online Race with two Drivers, i drive the Car in front, my brother drives the camera car. Its my second Lap with the Capri RS on the Ring, not very fast but funny.

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Lambo vs. Lambo Nordschleife 24h. GTR2 PC Game Online Race
One Lap on the 24h Nordschleife (Nordschleife + Nürburgring) with two Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT's. on/board replay from GTR2 (PC Game). the Track is a Mod Track and the Cars are std. FIA GT 03/04 Cars. Full Simulation Mode, with manual shifting, no TCS/ABS... its a Online Race with 2 Cars. You can play it simultanly with a real Nordschleife Video (e.g. the vid. "Schnelle Runde Nordschleife (24h-Rennen)") the track an the speed is almost identical, in the real vid. the car have 520hp, not 610hp and he must pass slow cars. You can see, the GTR2 Lap is relatively slow :)

Ford Racing 3 - Standard Race....'78 Capri 3.0S
This was supposed to be just a bit of time killing daftness, but, whenever I put FR3 on, I always get kind of addicted to it again, the races in this game can, and often do, turn into full on car battering brawls.... Its Great :)...........

Capri RS 3100 at Estoril
Around the track at Estoril

GTR 2 Nordschleife 3 Hours Event 2007
A little race movie i´ve made after the 3 hours @ "The Mother". (GTR 2) Race Action from my point of view.