2 Ford Capri RS on the Nordschleife, GTR2 PC Game, Race

Race between two Ford Capri RS GTC-TC on the Nordschleife Tourist. GTR2 Game with Legends Mod and Mod Track. Its a Online Race with two Drivers, i drive the Car in front, my brother drives the camera car. Its my second Lap with the Capri RS on the Ring, not very fast but funny.

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rFactor Ford Capri on Nordschleife
Game: rFactor Mod: DRM Revival Car: Ford Capri turbo Group 5 Track: Nurburgring Nordschleife Game Device: G25 (720deg) with H-pattern shift and Clutch pedal No assist to drive, all cut including automatic clutch.. Free pratice on the fantastic Nordschleife with the fantastic Capri, very challenging! Time 6.39.646 TAG: Gran turismo 5 , Shift 2 , F1 2013 , Forza motorsport 4 , Wrc 2 , Dirt 3 , project cars

KIA Ceed GT Bastuck, 242hp Chip, 0-140, 80-200, Soundcheck
SRY, BAD CAMERA, low audio and video quality! sounds in real much deeper. 2014 KIA Ceed GT Track Red, Bastuck stainless Exhaust (absorbation) from KIA, JR airfilter, DTE Systems Tuningbox. Rest Stock! Stock Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 225/40 ZR18 (92Y) Conditions: 19°C Air (66 °F) rel. humidity 50% straight Track, slightly uphill or downhill and the times are different, some people test downhill! (wrong)

Sports Car GT on Voodoo2 12MB
Siemens Expert Pentium 2 at 400mhz SDRAM 133mhz 386MB Built in graphics: ATi Rage pro 3DFX: voodoo 2 at 12MB Soundcard: Creative AWE 64Gold Harddrive: 20GB pata Optics: dvd reader and cd burner

Preview GTR Evolution - Tour du Nordschleife
Découvrez le tracé du Nordschleife à bord de 9 voitures différentes à l'occasion de la preview du jeu GTR Evolution sur http://www.otaugames.com/ ! Pour suivre la preview au jour le jour : http://www.otaugames.com/ftopic5037.html Cette vidéo réalisée par SimBin accompagnait la preview du jeu GTR Evolution que j'ai reçu. Merci à SimBin de m'avoir autorisé à la publier. Vidéo publiée par http://www.otaugames.com/ ----------------------------- Enjoy a lap around the Nordschleife aboard 9 different cars with the preview of GTR Evolution on http://www.otaugames.com/ ! Read more about the preview on : http://www.otaugames.com/ftopic5037.html This video recorded by SimBin was include with the preview of GTR Evolution that I have received. Thanks to SimBin for the autorisation to publish it. Video added by http://www.otaugames.com/