95 Z28 Burnout in Pottstown, PA

My friend Charlie doing a huge burnout in his old 95 Z28 Camaro.

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95 z28 camaro burnout

1995 camaro LT1 z28 vs 2008 mustang gt
a couple other races.. well i thought there were a few others lol... and a look at the vehicles. the Camaro is a 1995 but the guy i bought it from put a 2002 ss hood and front end on it. its a work in progress. ill make an over view vid of it soon. the paint is shitty i kno lol i got it cheap though. also the mods on the Camaro. the guy said there was a mild cam in it but i havent found proof that there really is so im not listing it as a mod.

1994 Camaro Z28 Burnout 1
17 Inch Z06 Rims. Harwood 2.5'' cowl hood. TPI air foil. K&N CAI. Underdrive Pulleys. Cross drilled and slotted rotors. SLP Loudmouth Cat-back Exhaust. That should answer some common questions I get. Just after getting the transmission rebuilt and beefed up. Enjoy.

95 Camaro Z28 vs Hayabusa
95 Camaro Z28 vs hayabusa at the track.