subaru club nederland super meeting 2009

video / foto verslag van de super meeting op 20 sept 2009 in Muiden.

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Zeebrarit 2013 Subaru Club Nederland
Beelden van de zeebrarit verreden op 6 juli 2013

Subaru Impreza STI 600hp 0-200 2.2 Turbo - flat foot shift
Impreza 2006 2,2 turbo - Custom build engine - 600hp Kruk Edition ruk-edition/ Video doesn't belong to me. I just uploaded it to YouTube.

Toronto Subaru Club - Drift Battle
At the Toronto Subaru Club Spring Fling 2012 event held at Northern performance put on a show for us with these two beautiful cars. Enjoy the show and dont forget to subscribe!

subaru meeting ac de meern 8-2-2015
subaru meeting ac de meern 8-2-2015