1994 Mercury Grand Marquis update, test drive, audio test!

In this video I'll give you a status update about my Grand Marquis. I will also do a test drive and will show you the capabilities of the stock speakers in this car! At the end some nice pics of the car :-)

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1994 Grand Marquis 0-85
This is me in my new Marquis doing some acceleration runs for my brother to see since he is in the army and is unable to check the car out in person. The car doesnt have dual Exhaust on it at this point but is on order and i will have video of that soon.

WhipAddict: Kandy Red Mercury Grand Marquis on DUB Hurricayne 32s by Underground Rim King
You don't see many Grand Marquis' done like this! @Enrique.zuniga.184 put this one together over 5 years ago in San Antonio and Dallas Texas! Kandy Red paint job with a few ghost graphics inside the paint, full Alligator interior and headliner, TVs mounted in the dash and headrests front and back! Shaved door handles with lambo doors in front and suicide lambo doors in back! This car has been sitting for a year at Underground Rim King just waiting to come back out! formally on 30s, now on 32" Hurricayne DUB spinning rims! This is the definition of a custom car! Salute to Steve @UndergroundRimKing for mounting up the whip! Now it heads back to Texas to refresh everything. Owner also has a 73' Donk and 90' Caprice LS in the works due to drop soon! Beat by Dos Track: Shade SendMeMedicine@gmail.com

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis in depth tour
This is my new Car that I bought last March; a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis LS with leather trimmed seats, V8 power with dual Exhaust, digital dashboard and what's more. The video includes a detailed walkaround of the car in the state in which I bought it. I only got time now to finally edit the video footage I took in March. I'll try to post an update of the car soon since I did some work on the car.

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis In Depth Tour, Start Up, Exhaust
Someone hacked and closed my other account (19thebigone95) and I re-uploaded here.